International Applicants

International applicants are advised to submit the application and supporting documents at least ten months in advance of the start of the semester for which they are seeking admission. 

Due Dates

Priority Dates for University Applications 

Fall Semester June 1
Spring Semester October 15
Summer Session March 1

Several graduate degree programs only admit once a year and have earlier priority dates.

Please consult the list of degree programs to obtain the correct due date

Proof of English Proficiency

All international applicants who are from countries other than the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Ireland, Belize and certain Caribbean Islands must demonstrate proof of English proficiency.  Applicants may do so in one of the following ways: 

1. International applicants must achieve a minimum official TOEFL score of 550 on the paper-based or 79 on the internet-based exam to be considered for admission. Test scores must be sent directly to UNO by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to be considered official. The ETS institution code for the UNO Graduate School is 6379.


2. International applicants must provide an official IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) minimum score of 6.5 to be considered for admission. Information about IELTS may be found at

Official TOEFL or IELTS scores are those reported directly to UNO by the respective testing service at the request of the student.


3. Students who have completed level six of the Intensive English Language Program (IELP and received a satisfactory score on the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency may be considered for admission.

4. Students have earned a degree in the U.S. or one of the recognized English-speaking countries above may be considered proficient in English.

Once the Graduate School has approved admission and upon the recommendation by the program, and sufficient financial responsibility has been verified, the Office of Admissions is notified.  Office of International Students & Scholars and Office of Admissions will then prepare and issue the appropriate immigration documents to you.  Contact the Assistant Director for International Admissions ( for further details.

GPA (Grade Point Average) Requirements

To be considered for admission to a graduate degree program all applicants must meet the University minimum requirements for admission of a 2.5 undergraduate GPA and 3.0 graduate GPA on a four-point scale.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)/GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) Requirements

The GRE is a university requirement for all degree-seeking graduate students with the following exception – students entering programs offered in the College of Business Administration (the MBA, MS Accounting, MS HCM, MS HTM, Doctoral program in Financial Economics) may be required to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). For information on the GMAT test please visit Students may register for the GRE by visiting the website ( The website also provides information about the test and suggestions for test preparation.  All test takers must indicate that UNO is to be the recipient of the test scores (institution code: 6379), regardless of where they take the test. If you take the test in the UNO Testing Center on campus (280-TEST), your scores are not automatically reported to UNO, nor does the Testing Center receive the scores.
When you leave your test site you may receive unofficial results for two of the three sections of the test. This cannot be used to remove a registration hold or for non-conditional admission. Print copies of score reports are also not considered official. Your official results will be sent electronically from the Educational Testing Service approximately 2-3 weeks after you have taken the test. Please schedule your test in enough time to allow for the scores to be reported.

If the graduate program requires a minimum score on the GRE or GMAT for admission, then the University must have the scores on file in order to be considered for admission, i.e. you may not be admitted conditionally to these programs.  Programs requiring a minimum score on the GMAT for admission: Accounting, Financial Economics, and MBA.  Programs requiring a minimum score on the GRE for admission:  Engineering, Public Administration, Psychology, Urban Studies.

If the graduate program does not require a minimum score on the GRE or GMAT for admission you may be admitted to the graduate program on condition of receipt of your test score. Students admitted conditionally must complete the requirements for non-conditional admission within their first semester of enrollment. For example, if you are admitted conditionally to a degree program in Fall 2010 and enroll in classes for Fall 2010, you must have the requisite test scores reported to the University before registration begins for Spring 2011 (November 2010). You will not be allowed to register for a future semester until your scores are reported.


International students seeking an F-1 visa may not be admitted on “probation”.

International Official Documents

Documents submitted to the Office of Admissions must be written in the language used for instruction (original language). An English translation of all documents submitted must also be included. Documents must be prepared by the institution which prescribes the curriculum of study.

“Official documents” are defined as official records of transcripts and degree statements in original language AND the English translations prepared by the institution. These documents must be sealed in the institution’s official envelope with the official stamp across on the envelope. The individual pages of all documents must be printed on the institutions letterhead or stamped with the official logo/signatures of the proper authority. Any document not received in this manner is considered unofficial. (Signatures of a professor, government officials other than Ministry of Education, and/or notary public are NOT accepted as official.)

For applicants from countries whose institutions do not issue official copies to other institutions, the applicant may provide copies of the records for review purposes only. The applicant must prove that the provided documents are official before the admission process is finalized.

International Degree Requirements

The following guidelines indicate the level of study expected of applicants prior to graduate enrollment in a graduate program at the University of New Orleans.  The specified guidelines are the minimum qualifications for admission. Please contact the UNO Graduate School at 504-280-1156 for further guidance.

African countries:  Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four years of university study.

Bangladesh, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan: Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four years of university study, B.Engr.; B.Sc. (in Engineering); B.Arch.; B.Tech.; or a master’s degree in other fields.  For example, the B.Sc. plus the M.Sc., the B.A plus the M.A., and the B.Com. plus the M.Com. are considered equivalent to the U.S. bachelor’s degree. Do not apply unless you have completed or will complete one of these degrees prior to enrollment.  Post-Graduate Diplomas in fields other than Management may not be considered acceptable for graduate admission.

Bologna-Process countries:  The University will accept applications from students that have bachelor’s degrees issued by institutions in countries that have signed the Bologna declaration.   A list of 43 countries who are recognized participants in the Bologna process is available here:

Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa: Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four-years of full-time university study. Holders of bachelor’s degrees whose programs represent three years of study are not eligible for graduate admission.

Caribbean:  Bachelor’s degrees requiring at least four years of full-time university study. Applications from students with three?year bachelor’s degrees from other institutions will be considered on a case-by?case basis upon the recommendation of the Graduate Coordinator of the degree program. Final determination of admissibility will be made by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Central and South America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain: Licenciado, Mexican Licenciatura (four year program) or Titulo/professional title or degree representing four or more years of full-time study. 

Japan, Korea, Taiwan: Holders of bachelor’s degree requiring four years of full-time university study.

People’s Republic of China: Bachelor’s degree requiring at least four years of university study. Holders of bachelor’s degrees awarded in 1982 or later may be considered for graduate admission. 

For any region or country not listed above, a bachelor’s degree requiring at least four years of full-time university study is required.