Graduate Assistantships

We provide information concerning graduate assistantship policies and regulations. Students enrolled in a graduate degree program may be hired on a competitive basis to work either in academic departments or administrative units as Athletics, Research, Teaching, or Professional assistants. Graduate assistants in good academic standing and meeting full-time enrollment requirements receive a stipend and a waiver of the non-resident fee. Effective Fall 2014, in-state tuition will no longer be automatically waived.

There is no central listing of openings. Students interested in obtaining an assistantship are encouraged to contact their degree program.

Categories of Assistantships

Athletics Assistant (AA)  provide support to the athletic department as graduate trainers, graduate coaches, or graduate departmental assistants. Work assignments must be consistent with the graduate student's career goals (i.e., as coaches, trainers, athletics administrators, etc.), regardless of the graduate student's course of study.

Teaching Assistant (TA, formerly TA2) works in support of instructional programs with such duties as preparing examinations, grading papers, assisting in preparation of lectures, presentations in laboratories or classrooms, conducting lectures, tutoring and leading discussion groups. The assistant is not the instructor of record nor primarily responsible for assigning grades.

Teaching Associate (TA-IOR, formerly TA3) instructor of record (primary responsibility for teaching courses and/or assigning grades) in addition to all of the duties of a TA2. The assistant must have a master's degree or at least 18 graduate hours in the specified teaching field. International graduate assistants who have primary responsibility for teaching a course (TA3) are required to have a TOEFL score of 100 (internet-based score) or 250 (computer-based) or 600 (paper-based).

Research Assistant (RA) duties consist of various research assignments.

Professional Assistant (PA) to students employed by academic or non-academic units to perform administrative functions that are specifically related to the student's course of study. Work assignments should complement the degree goals, foster professional development,  and expand student's skills and knowledge in their area of study. The student's advisor must certify the usefulness of the work towards goals of the degree. .

Graduate Assistantship Notes

International Students
The University of New Orleans currently hosts approximately international students, faculty, and staff from over 90 countries. The Office of International Students and Scholars provides comprehensive immigration advising, programming, and support services to all international students and faculty and their dependents. International students may contact the Office of International Students and Scholars at  for further information. International students should consult Donna Burroughs in Division of International Education if they have questions about their tax forms.Her number is 504-280-7204 and her e-mail is