Registration Forms

Change of Program Form

Students complete this form if they are seeking to change their degree program, seeking a dual degree program, or adding a certificate to their current status.

Permission to Audit Form

Required for students who wish to enroll in course as an audit within the appointed time frame. Students must use their UNO log-in to initiate the form. Regular fees and tuition apply to audit courses. Hours in Audit courses are not counted towards enrollment requirements for financial aid or visa status. 

Override of Unit Load

For graduate students who wish to enroll in more than 15 hrs in the Fall or Spring or more than 12 hrs in the Summer. 

University Appeal Form

Required for changes to schedule after registration closes. If requesting to add, written permission from the instructor of record for each course is required. 

Request for a UNO undergraduate student to enroll in a graduate course

A UNO undergraduate who has no more than twelve hours left towards completing a UNO baccalaureate degree may be approved to take up to nine hours of graduate courses. The student must have earned a 3.2 cumulative GPA and have received permission of the department.