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The general education core curriculum at the University of New Orleans is a set of course requirements designed to expose students to a wide range of academic disciplines. Through general education, students learn basic content and methodology of fundamental knowledge areas.  This broad educational experience is intended to encourage intellectual inquiry and provide a solid foundation for all undergraduate students.

2017-2018 Course Menu

Below is the course menu that corresponds to the 2017-2018 University Catalog.                                               Please contact your advisor with questions about satisfying general education requirements.

ENGLISH Composition 6   Composition 3  ENGL 1157: English Composition
ENGL 1158: English Composition
ENGL 1159: English Composition Honors
MATH 6 12 MATH 1021: Prob Solv/Number Rel Elem Tchrs
MATH 1023: Prob Solv Geometry Elem Tchrs
MATH 1031: Survey Mathematical Thought
MATH 1032: Survey Mathematical Thought
MATH 1115: College Algebra
MATH 1116: College Trigonometry
MATH 1125: Precalculus Algebra
MATH 1126: Precalculus Trigonometry
MATH 2114: Calculus I
MATH 2124: Calculus II
MATH 2314: Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 2785: Elementary Statistics Business Econ
SCIENCE Biology 3
Science 6
Biology 4
Chemistry 4
Earth/Env 2
Physics 4
BIOS 1053: Human Biology for Non-Science Majors
BIOS 1063: Biodiversity for Non-Science Majors
BIOS 1073: Biodiversity
BIOS 1083: Form & Function
CHEM 1001: Chemistry of TV and Movies
CHEM 1002: Life, The Universe and Everything: …
CHEM 1017: General Chemistry I
CHEM 1018: General Chemistry II
EES 1000: Dynamic Earth
EES 1002: Introduction to Environmental Science
PHYS 1005: Astronomy I
PHYS 1006: Astronomy II
PHYS 1061: Physics for Science and Engineering
PHYS 1062: Physics for Science and Engineering
HUMANITIES Literature 3 Literature 11 ENGL 2041: Major American Writers
ENGL 2043: New Orleans Literature
ENGL 2071: Afro-American Literature I
ENGL 2090: Special Studies in Literature and Language
ENGL 2208: Reading Drama
ENGL 2228: Reading Poetry
ENGL 2238: Reading Fiction
ENGL 2341: Survey British Literature I
ENGL 2377: The Bible as Literature
ENGL 2378: Introduction to Women’s Literature
ENGL 2521: Introduction to Shakespeare
Other 6 Foreign Language 7
History 4
Philosophy 3
Film/Theatre 1
Women/GS 1

(Additional literature courses may be taken to satisfy humanities requirement 11)
EDSP 1001: Basic Sign Language I
FREN 1001: Basic French I
FREN 1002: Basic French II
GER 1001: Basic German I
GER 1002: Basic German II
SPAN 1001: Basic Spanish I
SPAN 1002: Basic Spanish II
HIST 1001: World History to 1600
HIST 1002: World History since 1600
HIST 2501: U.S. History I
HIST 2502: U.S. History II
PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1101: Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2201: Ethics
FTA 2650: Oral Communications
WGS 2010: Introduction to Women’s Studies
SOCIAL SCIENCE 6 Anthropology 2
Economics 1
Geography 2
Poli Sci 1
Psychology 1
Sociology 2
Urban Studies 1
ANTH 1010: Peoples of the World
ANTH 2052: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ECON 1203: Principles of Microeconomics
GEOG 1001: World Regional Geography
GEOG 1002: World Regional Geography
POLI 2151: U.S. Government and Politics
PSYCH 1000: General Psychology
SOC 1051: Introductory Sociology
SOC 2962: Current Social Problems
URBN 1000: Introduction to Cities
ART 3 Fine Art 1
Music 2
Film/Theatre 1
FA 1010: Art Appreciation
MUS 1000: Music Appreciation
MUS 1100: Fundamentals of Music
FTCA 1000: Theatre Appreciation
Total required credit hours 39  
Total courses 70