Week 5: Enough is Enough Week

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Monday, September 23

Common Read Book Club Meeting (FYE) (Student Success Center 11:00am) – Green
Enjoy discussing a book? Come join us! Food will be provided.

Transfer Student Organization Meeting (TSO) (Student Success Center 12:30pm to 1:30pm) – Black
Are you a transfer student? Would you like to meet other transfer students? Come check out this student group only for students who have transferred to UNO!

SAC Meeting (SAC) (UC Room 208 4:30pm to 5:15 pm) – Silver
Learn how to get involved with planning and implementing the SAC sponsored events. This is a great way to meet new people while also making a difference with the UNO student body.

Tuesday, September 24

Eating Healthy on Campus (Student Health Services) – Red
Where and what to eat? That is the (daily) question. Come learn the what, where, and how to eat healthy and delicious while on this campus!

Take the Pledge (Student Accountability and Advocacy) (UC Lobby/Breezeway 10 am to 1pm) – White
UNO Community Members can sign their names as pledge to never commit interpersonal acts of violence and a commitment to the UNO community by other acts of civility. The display serves as a visual representation of how many people in our UNO Community have pledged to resolve matters in a non-violent way.

Real Talk (Chi Alpha) (MH 351 12:20pm to 1pm) – White
Join Chi Alpha in an interesting discussion!

Why Not Wikipedia? Why Does Wikipedia Not Always Work for Research? (Library)
(Library Room 318 12:30pm to 1:30pm) – Blue
The theme of this workshop is to illustrate the importance of saving your work regularly, as well as to educate students about saving their work in the cloud. The workshop will highlight the advantages of using various cloud storage options, identify which cloud storage options will work best for them, and encourage them to save their work at regular intervals.

Yoga in the Quad (FYE) (Quad 2pm to 3pm) – Green
Come learn about the ancient Indian art of Yoga! See how to perform simple moves which inspire tranquility and strength in everyday life! Learn the breathing and stretch exercises that Yoga is all about!

Tau Sigma Interest Meeting (Tau Sigma) (Student Success Center 3:30pm to 4:30pm) – Black
Did you transfer to UNO? Come check out this honor society just for new transfer students! Stop by during the hour and talk to some current Tau Sigma members to learn more about how to join.

Nutrition 101 (REC Center 4pm -5pm) – Red
Learn about healthy eating habits from the experts.

Nippon Meeting (Nippon) (KH 222 4:30pm to 5:45) – Silver
Come celebrate Japanese culture.

Student Government Meeting (Student Government) (UC 208 4:30pm) – Blue
Interested in joining SG? Come to the meeting to learn more!

Ultra Violet Volleyball (Sigma Kappa) (HPC 6:30pm) – Silver
Come play volleyball with the sisters of Sigma Kappa while helping to support Alzheimer’s disease research. Each team needs to have 6 to 8 players. If you register your team before September 20, the cost is $5 per player. If you register the day of, it will be $8 per player. See any Sigma Kappa for registration packet or contact Tara Pence at tpence@uno.edu. Let the games begin!

Safe Space (MH 351 3:30pm) – Red
The primary goal of UNO’s Safe Space/Allies program is to provide a network of students, staff, and faculty committed to providing support to LGTTBQIQ individuals and their allies at UNO and beyond.

La Zona (Chi Alpha) (UC 208 7:37pm to 9pm) – White
Relevant teaching about life, faith, and God.

Wednesday, September 25

Safe Campus, Strong Voices Day
(Collaboration with Counseling, Women’s Center, Student Accountability & Advocacy) – White
The UNO community will be engaged to make the PACT to be an active bystander and leaders in sexual assault prevention

Rent-a-Puppy Fundraiser (Transfer Student Organization) (10am to 3 pm) – Black
Transfer Students are like adopted puppies. You had a home, and now you have a new home and your new home could be your forever home! The Transfer Student Organization invites you to support the local animal shelters by spending time with their puppies!! $3 for half an hour, $5 for a full hour and $1 for a treat bag!! Play fetch, go for a walk, and teach them a new trick! All the while learning about the social organization on campus just for transfer students!! Make connections. Make your mark.

Peer Mentor Panels (UC 208 11am to 12 pm) – Green
Join our UNIV Peer Mentors at this program to get all of your questions answered about being a successful student here at UNO!

Prevent Dating Violence (Counseling Services) (UC Atrium to 11:30am to 1:30pm) – Red
Information table is from Counseling Services and Metropolitan Center for Women & Children. Learn how to help protect yourself and others from dating violence and sexual assault. This event is a part of Safe Campus, Strong Voices day of action.

The Importance on Building Good Credit (UNOFCU) (KH 221 12:15pm to 12:45pm) – Red
In life, it is very important to have good credit. Attend this workshop to learn more about it! Lunch will be provided.

Achieving Balance and Managing Stress (Counseling Services) (UC 206 12:30 pm to 1:30pm) – Red
So much to do, so little time! Do you have trouble managing stress in your life? This free workshop will help you identify how to create more balance in your life and Reduce future stress. For more information, contact awong1@uno.edu.

Service Coalition Meeting (UNO Service Coalition) (SIL Conference Room 12pm) – White
Interested in service? Come to the meetings!

Fresh Start! (REC Center) (Lobby of REC Center 4pm to 5pm) – Red
The first day of college is a fresh start for everyone. For all freshmen it’s starting a new school, but for some it’s also a new city or state or even country. Take advantage of this fresh start! Join us for a weekly workout and learn about healthy workout habits. Please come dressed to workout, bring water, and be ready to sweat!!!

Fight the 15 (Enrollment Services) (Outside of the Library 4:30pm) – Red
Join a UNO staff member from Enrollment Services for a 15 minute walk around campus every Wednesday. This is a great way to fight the “freshmen 15” and get to know each other new students.

IDS Career Panel (Interdisciplinary Studies) (UC Innsbruck Suite 6:00 pm) – Blue
At 6:00 p.m., join IDS faculty and alumni in the Innsbruck Room on the 2nd floor of the U.C. for an interactive career panel featuring successful IDS alumni. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and network with the panelists. Email IDS@uno.edu for details.

Thursday, September 26

National GORDIEday (Collaboration with Greek Life, Counseling, Student Health) – White
National GORDIEday is held annually as part of National Hazing Prevention Week each September as a way to raise awareness about alcohol overdose and encourage students to intervene when a friend is in distress.

What can I do with a major in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism? (KH 325 12:30pm to 1:25pm) – Blue
Learn about the HRT major. This seminar will introduce students to department curriculum as well as “hot” employment areas and job opportunities in HRT.

Common Read Book Club Meeting (FYE) (Student Success Center 12:30pm) – Green
Enjoy discussing a book? Come join us! Food will be provided.

International Student Organization Meeting (ISO) (ED 122 12:30pm to 1:30pm) – Silver
Come and learn about different cultures around the globe, make new friends, and help us plan some of the biggest events on campus like International Night.

Freshmen Jumpstart #4 (Chi Alpha) (LA 156 4:30pm to 5:30pm) – Red
If you can wrap your head around time and money management, good study habits, and relationships you’ll have a great college experience.

Yeah, You Write (English Department) (The Sandbar 6pm) – Blue
Undergraduate students will read their original works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Volleyball Game vs. Oral Roberts (UNO Athletics) (HPC 7pm) – Blue
UNO competes against Oral Roberts in the HPC. Come support the Privateers!

Friday, September 27

UNO Random Acts of Kindness Day (Student Accountability and Advocacy) – White
This initiative builds a sense of community and unity on campus, allowing students, faculty, staff to acknowledge any positive acts that have taken place or to which you have been witness. Postcards will be available for you to complete and then will be sent out to UNO Community Members to acknowledge positive acts of kindness.

Saturday, September 28

Volleyball game vs. Central Arkansas (UNO Athletics) (HPC 2pm) – Blue
UNO competes against Central Arkansas. Come support the Privateers!