2016 Krewe Leaders

Meet our Student Support Staff

 Shelby Wall
Strengths: Communication, Self-Assurance, Includer, Woo, Command
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council and Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: Orientation Won My Heart! ♡
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Orientation and Winning P-Plunge
Fun Fact: I love Frogs & Making weird faces!



Meet the KLs


Name: Everett Fontenot

Strengths: Positivity, Woo, Input, Developer, Connectedness
Organization Involvement: Greek life, UNO Tube
Why I Chose UNO: I wanted to come see the city
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Making my first friends at P Camp
Fun Fact: I play in a band and I've changed majors three times!

Name: Michelle Purdy
Strengths: Woo, Believe, Positivity, Futuristic, and Ideation
Organization Involvement: Improv Club, Secretary of Lakefront Players
Why I Chose UNO: I choose UNO for the amazing Theatre and Film program it has to offer.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: The best part about UNO is the small community. When you walk to class majority of the people wave back whether they know you or not that's just how the UNO community is.
Fun Fact: I want to study and perform comedy. My dream job would be to become the first official female host of The Tonight Show.



Name: Miranda Le Beau
Strengths: Futuristic, Individualization, Strategic, Empathy, Connectedness
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council, Transfer Student Organization, Leadership Cabinet, Peer Mentor, Krewe Leaders!
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because it had the degree programs I wanted, but I stayed because of the amazing opportunities and communities that I had the chance to be a part of.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Being involved in the different organizations I am a part of, and meeting different people.
Fun Fact: I love corny jokes, wiener dogs and giraffes.

Name: Ashten Roy
Strengths: Intellection, Input, Restorative, Achiever, and Responsibility.
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council, Greek Life, The Odyssey
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because it was close to home, but far enough away so I could be independent.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is the friendliness of everyone on campus. By coming to this campus, I have come out of my shell and become more comfortable with myself.
Fun Fact: 1. I am in love with all things Captain America. 2.I have a twin

PaigeName: Ariana Longoria
Strengths: Input, Developer, Connectedness, Empathy, and Belief.
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Orientation Leaders, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because of the amazing Film program here; however, what made my decision final was visiting the campus during Spring Orientation and meeting other Film majors like myself and seeing how similar I was to them. UNO felt like home.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect about UNO is that I can be walking anywhere on campus and see a familiar face.
Fun Fact: When I was younger, I believed that my mom dated Vincent Van Gogh           because of how she would go into great detail about his works.

Name: LaDajah Steele
Strengths: Input, Learner, Responsibility, Competition, and Consistency
Organization Involvement: Resident Assistant, Student Activities Council President, Peer Mentor and Student Support Services Student
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because UNO chose me. I applied to UNO and within a week, I was accepted and was awaiting a room assignment. I was so grateful and I still am considering how much I have been able to grow and flourish and accomplish in 3 short years here.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: So far, my favorite memory at UNO is when I had the   opportunity to meet Soledad O'brien and Marques Colston at a graduation     commencement. That is a unique memory I will never forget.

Fun Fact: I have changed my major 4 times

Name: Santana Mitchell

Strengths:Relator, Individualization, Connectedness, Analytical, and Responsibility

Organization Involvement: International Student Organization
Why I Chose UNO: I really wanted to move away from my hometown, but stay in state. UNO seemed like to perfect option for me because it wasn't too far from home and it is also in a city with amazing culture especially its unique French culture.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is the amount of diversity on campus. Through Privateer Camp, my job at the International Center, and just being involved on campus, I have been able to meet people from so many different places in the world and walks of life. I've had a really enjoyable experience in my first year here and I can honestly say I loved it.
Fun Fact: I am bilingual. I was placed in a French immersion program at the age of 6 and I have been speaking French ever since then.

Name: Ryan Gary Williams
Strengths: Strategic, Maximizer, Futuristic, Competition, and Adaptability
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council Treasurer and Communications Coordinator
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO for many reasons. When deciding what college I was to attend, I definitely knew I was going in-state and I really felt that the campus vibe of UNO fit me best. Also, since I am a Theatre major, I needed to go somewhere with a good theatre program, and UNO has an excellent program that I am really enjoying!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is being involved in organizations, such as SAC. Most of my favorite memories come from SAC events, my favorite being having Mike Super come perform.
Fun Fact: In the summer before my freshman year of college, I was in a play that was selected to perform at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have met Darren Criss and he yelled at me for not liking him as much as my mother does!



Name: Maddie Roach
Strengths: Woo, Positivity, Strategic, Communication, and Adaptability
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Orientation Leaders, B.E.T.T.A Club
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because I wanted to stay closer to home and I thought that the experience and assistance I would be receiving would be beneficial to my growth as both a student and a person.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: I love how welcoming the university is because everyone is so friendly.
Fun Fact: I can list all the United States presidents in order with a fact about each. I once broke 3 toes in a Walmart.



Name: Tori Frentz
Strengths: Communication, Adaptability, Woo, Includer, Harmony
Organization Involvement: Orientation Leaders, Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because you can be yourself. You don't have to be afraid to be unique.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: The sense of community.
Fun Fact: I can sing Italian Opera. I know 39 digits of pi.



Name: Christina Early
Strengths: Communication, Woo, Input, Ideation, and Arranger
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, National Pan-Hellenic Council President, VP of Marketing of Greek Council, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Student Activities Council
Why I Chose UNO: All though many don't know this, my band director studies at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, which is one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. I knew that New Orleans was a place filled with great music but I also wanted to be classically trained. Learning from a teacher who has those skills at a school where I can not only get my degree in music, but have the time to get involved while doing it, UNO was the best choice.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory of UNO is still my Privateer Camp from Freshman year. I has so much fun and met so many great people. Although I think I would have still been involved without P-camp, going to Privateer Camp pointed me in the direction of certain organizations and opportunities I wouldn't have gotten without going.
Fun Fact: I can play 5 instruments. If you give me 3 words I can make them into a rap.


Name: Angelle Moncada
Strengths: Woo, Strategic, Belief, Communication, and Achiever
Organization Involvement: Peer Mentor, Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: UNO was the only campus that made me feel at home. The environment is so loving --everyone is so down to earth and accepting of others differences.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory at UNO was sitting with a group of my friends outside and just enjoying the day with my loved ones.
Fun Fact: I'm currently trying to learn Arabic and I'm obsessed with dogs!


Name: Meara McNitt
Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Ideation, Positivity, and Input
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Order of Omega, Peer Mentors, Student Government Association, Student Activities Council, UNITY
Why I Chose UNO: At first I thought I wanted to go far, far away, but the universe just kept bringing me back to UNO. I couldn't pass up being a Privateer!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory at UNO is the snow day from my freshman year. I got stuck in the residence halls with my friends! It felt like an adventure, even though we never left campus!
Fun Fact: One time I had to ride in an ambulance to a hospital because I ate too many grapes. I've been to 13 other countries - all in Europe!


Name: Hayley Herbert
Strengths: Woo, Command, Communication, Relator, and Restorative
Organization Involvement: Greek Life and Orientation Leaders
Why I Chose UNO: The small atmosphere and the cool city life.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is being able to walk across campus and know everyone you pass.
Fun Fact: I love being outside and travelling.