2015 Krewe Leaders

Meet our Student Support Staff

 Alyssa Moore
Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Strategic, Developer, Futuristic
Organization Involvement: Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, Emerging Leader Mentor, Krewe Leader, Transfer Retreat for Leadership Mentor, Ex President of the Transfer Student Organization, Transfer Mentor, member of Student Activities Council
Why I Chose UNO: It was close to my hometown.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: It feels like home!
Fun Fact: I know sign language, and I'm exchanging to Alaska in the Fall.


Name: Darius Miner
Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Futurustic, Relator, Analytical
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Student Activities Council, Student Government, UNOtube
Why I Chose UNO: Local, affordable, good programs, lakefront campus.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: How inviting it is to everyone. All peoples of all personalities and walks of life are welcomed at UNO all the same.
Fun Fact: I like to dance, and I'm in love with pepperoni pizza!


Meet the KLs


Name: Everett Fontenot

Strengths: Positivity, Woo, Input, Developer, Connectedness
Organization Involvement: Greek life, UNO Tube
Why I Chose UNO: I wanted to come see the city
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Making my first friends at P Camp
Fun Fact: I play in a band and I've changed majors three times!


Name: Shrederick King
Strengths: Futuristic, Arranger, Restorative, Included, Ideation
Organization Involvement: Krewe Leader, Orientation leader, PBSU Vice President, VASA, AXS, Biology, Chemistry Club member, Leadership Cabinet, Peer Mentor, SAC E-Board, Emerging leader
Why I Chose UNO: It was local, diverse, affordable, and a place where I could meet new people.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: When I became an orientation leader which made me comfortable to apply for other leadership opportunities.
Fun Fact: I've never been skydiving, but I really want to. I've never had a Corgi or seen one in person, but the Google images made me want one really bad.



Name: Miranda Le Beau
Strengths: Futuristic, Individualization, Strategic, Empathy, Connectedness
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council, Transfer Student Organization, Leadership Cabinet, Peer Mentor, Krewe Leaders!
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because it had the degree programs I wanted, but I stayed because of the amazing opportunities and communities that I had the chance to be a part of.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: There are too many to just choose one! Being a Krewe Leader, though, is definitely one of my favorite memories of UNO.
Fun Fact: I am terrified of anything that flies! I have two cousins that starred in the TV show Swamp People.


Name: Michael Mariana
Strengths: Restorative, Futuristic, Developer, Belief, Responsibility.
Organization Involvement: Orientation Leaders, Phi Alpha Delta, Young Americans for Liberty, UNOtube, Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO for it be so close to home, as well as my Dad getting both is Bachelors and Masters from UNO.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: I love the community. It really is a second home to me.
Fun Fact: I carry the constitution with me at all times. I am a state champion in Football and Judo.


Paige Miller
Strengths: WOO, Adaptability, Positivity, Included, Communication
Organization Involvement: Greek life, UNO Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Peer Mentors, UNOtube
Why I Chose UNO: My OLs did a great job of making me feel at home.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My fav memories are the ones I've created with the many friends I've made here.
Fun Fact: I know every song in the High School Musical trilogy. I once ate 68 oranges in one day.


Name: Shelby Wall
Strengths: Communication, Self-Assurance, Includer, Woo, Command
Organization Involvement: VP- SAC Orientation Leader Krewe Leader Leadership Cabinet Member
Why I Chose UNO: Orientation Won My Heart! ♡
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Orientation and Winning P-Plunge
Fun Fact: I love Frogs & Making weird faces!


Name: Raphael MarianoShelby

Organization Involvement: UNO Genshiken Anime Club, UNO ShowChoir (New) Past: Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Cabinet UNO Honors Council Nippon Japanese Cultural Club
Why I Chose UNO: All I can afford. But, I stayed for the people, and the freedom of making my experience what it could be. I have total control over my campus experience.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: I love that I have control over my campus experience. I get to choose my involvement and start an organization if I want it to.
Fun Fact: Geek-Of-All-Trades: Anime, Board Games, Musicals, Fanfiction Writer, Undergraduate Research, Old JPop and KPop, wannabe cosplayer, etc. Was almost on TBS King of the Nerds


Name: Andrew Amaya-Shaw
Strengths: Competitor, Communication, Adaptability, Arranger, Activator
Organization Involvement: Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: It's close to my family and in the best city in the world!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: All the friends and experiences that I've made since the start of school that has helped me decide that UNO is where I belong.
Fun Fact: I am currently working on writing my first book. My sister is local celebrity Amanda Shaw




Name: Laurynn Peters
Strengths: Communication, Woo, Includer, Activator, Positivity
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, FYAC
Why I Chose UNO: I loved that it felt like a small community, but still had a bigger college feel. I loved that it felt like UNO wanted to see me succeed.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect is that I can walk anywhere and see a friendly face.
Fun Fact: I'm going to be a lifeguard in the Disney College Program this fall. I've mastered selfies.



Name: Courtney Roblez
Strengths: Positivity, Communication, Includer, Woo, Empathy
Organization Involvement: Indoor Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Greek Life (Alumni Relations)
Why I Chose UNO: UNO gave me the opportunity to advance both my academic and athletic career; and going to a school close to home and in such an amazing city was something I could not possibly pass up. :) P.S. One of the best choices I have ever made.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect from UNO is the amazing diversity and since of community..
Fun Fact: I ran track once and Spiderman is my favorite superhero


Name: DeVonte' LeRay Spencer
Strengths: Restorative, Responsibility, Relator, Developer, Positivity
Organization Involvement: Leadership Cabinet, Greek Life, Alpha Lambda Delta
Why I Chose UNO: UNO is a very good school for Business and it's close to home but not too close!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Leadership Retreat, seeing how students went from being in a shell to being energetic and talkative.
Fun Fact: I can do impersonations of pretty much anyone and I can draw well



Name: Brittany Becker
Strengths: Competition, futuristic, empathy, relator, significance
Organization Involvement: Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: I wanted to move to New Orleans, as I knew how exciting and fun it would be. UNO seemed very diverse, and I fell in love when I visited the campus.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory is when I joined my sorority. As an out of state student, I had immediate friends and was kept busy when I wasn't studying.
Fun Fact: I play disc golf, and I have an unhealthy love for the Sims.



Name: Kali Bertucci
Strengths: Includer, Belief, Adaptability, Strategic, Communication
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Louisiana Youth Seminar (LYS)
Why I Chose UNO: There is no other atmosphere like New Orleans and what better way to get a great education and embrace the culture of New Orleans than attending UNO.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Getting involved on campus and meeting life long friends!
Fun Fact: I have a weird obsession with Family Feud. I sing when I talk without realizing it sometimes..



Name: Nicole Foto
Strengths: Includer, Positivity, Adaptability, Realtor, Consistency
Organization Involvement: Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because I wanted to go to college close to home, and after visiting campus I felt very comfortable.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite part of UNO is being involved in Greek Life. I've met so many new people not only in my chapter but also in all the other chapters on campus. It has also provided me with many great leadership opportunities.
Fun Fact: My favorite TV show is Scandal. I like playing sports.



Name: Hayley Herbert
Strengths: Includer, WOO, Adaptability, Restorative, Empathy
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Running club, Emerging Leaders
Why I Chose UNO: Because I wanted to break away from what all of my friends were doing (going to LSU) and have my own experiences.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Being in a sorority
Fun Fact: One time I was on the wrestling team. I can juggle.