UNO Cares Students

Academic Early Alert System

UNO Cares is the University of New Orleans Academic Early Alert System. The Early Alert Program connects students of all levels with a professional staff member that is concerned about the student’s academic, personal, and social success. Our team provides resources, personal guidance, and advice when students are having difficulty with assignments, attendance, or participation in any of their classes. Providing assistance early in the semester is very important to students’ success in their collegiate career. Our team, including your Academic Advisor, will contact students (via e-mail & phone) if a professor or staff member informs us that they may be having trouble. This academic early alert system helps to identify students from across the institution at all levels, not just our first year student population.


What to do if you receive a UNO Cares notice?

It is important that you follow up with your professor who sent you the alert and schedule a meeting to discuss a course of action to get back on track for a successful semester. In addition, our staff encourages you to reach out to your Academic Advisor. Even if the situation has been previously resolved, please respond to the email so we can ensure you’re back on track. We are here to help you find solutions.