StrengthsQuest Educators

The StrengthsQuest Educator training was funded with the assistance of Student Government, Student Affairs, and the Office of Enrollment Services. Thank you for the support!

Top 5 StrengthsQuest Themes
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
Department: Enrollment Services
Brett Hornsby Admissions Strategic Communication Responsibility Achiever Self-Assurance
Kate Uhle Admissions Strategic Woo Empathy Developer Analytical
Shantrella Baptiste Financial Aid Relator Empathy Developer Achiever Responsibility
Caleigh Keith First Year Advising Strategic Communication Activator Woo Positivity
Emily Horne First Year Advising Learner Responsibility Individualization Achiever Arranger
Amy Miller First Year Advising Strategic Input Woo Includer Achiever
Gerard Williams First Year Advising Responsibility Deliberative Analytical Discipline Consistency
Jesica deLaneuville First Year Advising Woo Communication Adaptability Learner Maximizer
Cat Polivoda First Year Experience
Connectedness Strategic Ideation Futuristic Activator
Nicole Ralston First Year Experience Activator Woo Communication Positivity Strategic
Tonia Salas First Year Experience Positivity Woo Arranger Developer Adaptability
Mike Hoffshire First Year Experience Discipline Learner Achiever Intellection Input
Nicholas Fuselier First Year Experience  Futuristic Ideation Achiever Self-Assurance Input
Vincent Prior New Student Orientation Relator Strategic Developer Empathy Arranger
Christy Heaton New Student Orientation Woo Communication Positivity Strategic Includer
Department: Student Affairs
Martha Barnes Career Services Relator Strategic Learner Achiever Connectedness
Victor Cato Career Services Analytical Significance Deliberative Context Relator
Asia Wong Counseling Services Positivity Input Activator Intellection Individualization
Pam Rault Student Affairs Arranger Strategic Individualization Achiever Relator
LeeAnne Sipe Student Involvement & Leadership Ideation Strategic Communication Maximizer Woo
Dale O'Neill Student Involvement & Leadership Individualization Learner Woo Achiever Positivity
Additional Campus Partners
Lindsey Jakiel Chemistry Activator Input Strategic Woo Communication
Charles Small Athletics Learner Achiever Strategic Responsibility Focus