Students' ACT or SAT scores determine placement in English courses at the University of New Orleans.

You are eligible
to enroll in

If your ACT ENGLISH sub-score is

If your SAT VERBAL score is

If your Compass ENGLISH Score is

ENGL 1157

18-27 450-610 74-99
ENGL 1158

28-31 620-700  
A 2000-level
English Course
32 or higher and you have  credit through Advanced Standing Exam 710 or higher and you have credit through Advanced Standing Exam  

Please Note:

You are always welcomed to enroll in a course lower than the one for which you are eligible.

If your score is on the cusp (ACT English 27 or 31, for example), you may opt to take a placement exam to see if you are ready for the next level. 

If you score greater than 90 on the English portion of the Compass exam, you should take a placement test. To make an appointment to take the English Placement Test or an Advanced Standing Exam, please call our office at 504-280-6275.