Amy Miller

Amy Miller

First Year Advisor R-Z


Office: PEC – Library, 117 I

Phone: 504-280-7303


About Amy

It’s my privilege to be a First Year Advisor in the Office of Enrollment Services, and I'm thrilled to connect with students and help them reach their goals here at UNO. I’m a proud two time alumna of the University of New Orleans where I’ve earned Master’s degrees in Curriculum & Instruction and in Higher Educational Administration. While pursuing my graduate degrees, I worked at UNO as a Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant, and Academic Counselor in the College of Education and Human Development. My diverse research interests include; dyslexia and brain research, multiple intelligences, program evaluation, and compositional arrangements of student groups for productive and effective learning outcomes. Additionally, I have a private practice serving clients with learning differences, and take great pleasure in remediating students with dyslexia so that they become fluent readers.