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Students with less than 24 earned credit hours

First Year Advising is dedicated to academic advising for freshmen students who have not or will not earn 24 hours in the most current semester. Academic classification is based on earned hours at the end of an academic semester.

    The rules governing the classification of undergraduate students are:
  1. Freshmen: Students having fewer than 30 hours of credit (0 – 29.99).
  2. Sophomores: Students having at least 30 hours of credit (30 – 59.99).
  3. Juniors: Students having at least 60 semester hours of credit (60 – 89.99).
  4. Seniors: Students having at least 90 semester hours of credit (90+).

Students with more than 24 earned credit hours

Once a student has earned 24 hours or more, advising transitions to the college/department level. If you have earned 24 hours or more, please contact the college in which your major is housed.

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