Travel Start to Finish

Travel Authorization Form:  A Travel Authorization Form (TAF) must be approved prior to departure and purchasing travel expenditures.  The form is electronic and located on SharePoint, under Forms in the Travel Section.  An authorization code is generated at the bottom of the form once the TAF is approved by all departments.  SharePoint also sends an automated email to the traveler’s UNO email address once approved.  Please note the dates of travel must be for UNO business only and fall within the dates indicated on the approved TAF.  Travel outside the approved dates will require the Department Chair / Head’s approval.

Booking Reservations:  It is the traveler’s responsibility to make certain all rates and expenses are within the regulations set within the state’s travel guide – PPM49.  Refer to the travel home page for specific details pertaining to rates and policies.

Airfare, conference registration fees, lodging, and vehicle rentals must be charged to a traveler’s state travel credit card or UNO’s CBA (master credit card the Accounts Payable Office has access to use).  If any of these items need to be purchased / reserved and the traveler does not possess a travel card, contact the Accounts Payable Office to arrange for payment processing with the CBA.

Travel Voucher:  When the traveler returns, all UNO business out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed through a Travel Voucher.  The voucher must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 60 days of the travel's end date to receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket business related expenses. Original receipts, approved TAF, and all supporting documentation should be attached to the voucher to ensure timely processing.  Original signatures approving the spending are required.  Once all documentation is attached and signatures are obtained, submit the packet to Accounts Payable for processing.  

Accounts Payable will issue a reimbursement to the traveler within 14 days of receiving the voucher.  For UNO employees, reimbursements are direct deposited into the employee’s bank account of file with payroll.  Non-UNO employees will have a check processed and mailed.   Please note a 1099 tax form is not required for non-employee travel reimbursements paid through a travel voucher.

If purchases were made with the state travel credit card during the trip and a voucher is also being submitted, it is best practice to attach the travel card log and supporting documentation with the voucher. This ensures all expenses are submitted and recorded in a timely manner.   

Please contact the Accounts Payable Office for any question pertaining to UNO travel.