Group Travel Guidelines

Travel involving groups of students can be invoiced against a purchase order, but travel for individual employees must be reimbursed with a Travel Voucher through Accounts Payable.

All travelers, including student groups, must have an approved Authorization to Travel form. Groups may attach a list of names of all students to one form, rather than separate forms for each.
All travel must be within the cost limits found in the current Louisiana Travel Guide (PPM 49).

Hard copy signed requisitions forwarded to the Purchasing Office are required for group travel purchase orders. Verbal POs cannot be used for lodging or vehicle rentals.

The Following are guidelines for arranging group travel. Contact the Purchasing Office with your specific questions before making arrangements.


All lodging requirements should be arranged at least thirty days before the event. When making arrangements, request the sales manager and ask if the facility will accept "direct bill" (they send an invoice for payment Net 30 after the event). If a credit application is required, send it to the Purchasing Office for completion. The University strongly prefers using facilities that will direct bill the entire amount. The Purchasing Office will send a signed contract (when one is required) and a purchase order to the vendor to hold the reservation. It is not advisable to use a personal credit card to hold a reservation. Send to the Purchasing Office a requisition for the number of "room nights" (number of rooms x number of nights) with the quote or contract from the hotel and the approved Authorization to Travel form. The second line of the requisition should show any tax costs. The University is tax exempt for Louisiana hotels (not out-of-state hotels), but Form R-1376 (Governmental Employees Hotel Lodging Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate) which can be obtained from the Purchasing Office, is required upon check in. The University is responsible for room and tax charges only. Incidentals are to be paid upon check out by the UNO employee responsible for the group. All contracts must be signed by someone in Purchasing or Financial Services with contractual authority for the University – do not sign any contract or reservation form. 
If it is not feasible to find a lodging facility that will direct bill, request that the vendor accept a University check for the entire amount upon check in. Advance deposits or payments are avoided whenever possible. We will create a purchase order with the payment arrangements noted in the PO comments. An invoice will be required to create a check in advance of the stay and at least one week must be allowed for creation of the check.

Vehicle Rental

When traveling with student groups which require a vehicle larger than a midsize/intermediate auto, it may be direct billed through the Enterprise state contract when rented in Louisiana. Enter your reservation at website referencing state contract code NA1403 for in-state rentals. Reference code XZ14070 for out-of-state rentals. A special account number will be provided by the Purchasing Office to those authorized to reserve rentals for group travel which will allow direct billing against a PO number. This number must be entered on the reservation to authorize direct billing. Forward a requisition to the Purchasing Office with the number of vehicles to be rented as the quantity. Include dates, type of vehicle, destination and number of people traveling; attach the reservation confirmation and the Authorization to Travel form. The purchase order number is provided to Enterprise at the time the vehicle is obtained. Rentals for individuals and rentals originating at an out-of-state location cannot be direct billed.

Due to insurance restrictions, a student cannot drive a rental vehicle unless he/she is also an employee. All drivers must be at least 25 years old.