How to Start

1) Get Permission

  • Before you travel, permission must be granted by having an Authorization to Travel Form completed and approved. The form is located on SharePoint (UNO username and password is required), and is considered approved after the appropriate signatures are electronically signed. The Travel Authorization Form must be completed if you plan to travel on behalf of the University, and approved before the departure date.
  • During the planning stages of your trip, enter the estimated expenses on the Travel Authorization Form.

2) Plan your transportation

  • The most cost-effective method of transportation that will accomplish the purpose of the travel shall be selected.
  • If you have to fly to arrive at your destination, always book the flight through the state-contracted travel agency, Short's Travel Management. Short's Travel can be contacted by phone: (888) 846-6810, email: or visit their website for more information. Your state liability travel credit card or request for the use of the CBA are the only forms of payment allowed to purchase airfare. A personal credit card is not an allowed form of payment. Always keep both the itinerary and receipt.
  • If you are renting a car within the State of Louisiana, you must rent a compact or intermediate size model with Enterprise, using the State account number NA 1403. Keep the car rental rules in mind while renting. Remember to request authorization for a rental car on the Travel Authorization Form.
  • If you will be driving your own vehicle, the mileage reimbursement rate is 51 cents per mile effective July 11, 2011. Document your mileage by submitting beginning and ending odometer readings or any website mileage program such as

3) Plan your lodging

  • If it is needed to stay in a hotel while on University business, make certain your accommodations do not exceed the maximum daily room amount allowed by the State. Please follow the hotel guidelines for the correct lodging rates.

4) Travel

5) Get Reimbursed

  • Keep all receipts.
  • Complete a Travel Voucher Form when return from trip.
  • Attach your Travel Authorization Form to the Travel Voucher and original receipts.
  • Click here for a complete list of what is needed to be attached to your travel voucher.
  • Submit all your approved paperwork to Accounts Payable, located in room 300 of the 
    Math Building (3rd floor).