Receipts Required

What Receipts Do I Need to Keep?

Original itemized receipts are required for ALL TRAVEL EXPENSES, with a few exceptions. Here are some tips on how to avoid common mistakes related to receipts:

  • Copies of receipts are not accepted. Attach your original receipts to the travel voucher.
  • Make sure each receipt has a date on it and shows that the balance has been paid.
  • Always attach both the Short's Travel Management itinerary AND paid Short's Travel Management receipt to the Travel Voucher.
  • If you're attending a conference and are paying for registration, make sure that you get a receipt for the conference that shows you have paid the registration fee.

Attach these original, itemized receipts to your Travel Voucher, if they apply to your travel:

  • Lodging receipts. These should detail room rates and taxes.
  • Ground transportation receipts of any amount over $15.00 per day.
  • Short's Travel Management receipt showing invoice number, amount paid, and flight dates and times.
  • Auto rental closeout receipt.
  • Car storage/parking receipts in excess of $5.00 excluding airport parking. New Orleans contract airport parking at the Park 'n' Fly across Airline Hwy. can be reimbursed at a daily rate of $ 6.00 without a receipt.
  • Conference registration receipts.
  • Miscellaneous items that cost more than $5.00.

If an original detailed receipt can not be obtained, (example- pre-ordered internet lodging), the same criteria must be fulfilled using other documents. (example: email order confirmation showing room rate details plus a document showing payment.)

You don't need receipts for the following types of expenses:

  • Public ground transportation less than $15.00 daily.
  • Non-local parking, fares and tolls under $5.00
  • Business communications expenses of $3.00 or less. Travelers are allowed one personal call home upon arrival and every second night ($3.00 domestic/ $10.00 foreign).
  • Tips for baggage handling not to exceed $1.00 per bag for a maximum of 3 bags (limited to two times for arrival and two times for departure).
  • Routine meals within State-allowed rates.