International Travel

You must obtain permission in advance from the Provost and President for International Travel. Use the Authorization to Travel Form to get this permission.

Meals: International travelers will be reimbursed at the Tier IV area rates for lodging and meals.

Tier IV

Lodging: The pretax lodging rate for international travel should not exceed $200.00.

Employees may be allowed to exceed the maximum lodging rates, as listed above for either normal or conference regulations by up to 50% on a case-by-case basis with prior written approval by the traveler's direct supervisor or the person with fiscal responsibility for the funds. Justification must be stated on the Authorization to Travel Form. (e.g., proximity to meeting place, cost effectiveness of alternative options.) For more details on lodging, see PPM 49.

Airfare: The rules for international air travel are slightly different than the rules for domestic air travel. Before you reserve a flight, please read the detailed travel regulations about this subject: PPM 49.