Ground Transportation

Parking Rates

  • Baton Rouge airport parking reimbursement is contracted to $3.50 per day (no receipt required) for parking. An employee may be paid actual expenses up to $5.00 per day with a receipt.

  • New Orleans airport parking reimbursement is contracted at $7.00 per day and $42.00 weekly at Park N Fly (no receipts are required). Using the Park N Fly website with Promotional Code 0050081 is the easiest way to contract parking.  Otherwise, the traveler must provide a UNO photo ID, business card, or a travel authorization form designating the employee is on official state business to receive the state rate. An employee may be paid actual expenses with a receipt up to $7.00 a day at other airport parking locations.

Tips for valet parking are allowed, but must not exceed $1.00 per in and $1.00 per out, per day.

For more details, see PPM 49.

Taxi Rules

Taxis and shuttles, no matter the cost, must have a receipt for reimbursement.  Other forms of ground transportation, such as buses, subways, and airport limousines are limited to $15.00 per day without a receipt. Claims in excess of $15.00 per day require receipts to account for the total daily amount claimed. Attach the receipt to the Travel Voucher Form. No expense should be claimed where it has not been incurred.

Train, Ferry and Toll Expenses

Receipts are not needed for amounts $5.00 or less. For amounts greater than $5.00, attach the original itemized receipt to the travel voucher.

Note: Remember to attach your train trip itinerary.