Travel Requests and Exceptions

Do I Have to Fill out the Authorization to Travel Form?

All travelers are required to fill out this form for every business trip. (*there is one exception - see below). During the planning stages of your trip, please enter your estimated expenses on the Authorization to Travel form. Also, use the form to make any special travel requests such as international travel or car rental.

The special requests are:

  • Car rental requests
  • Navigation equipment requests. The traveler must justify the request.
  • Routine lodging overage requests. The traveler must justify the request.
  • Actual conference hotel rate. The traveler must justify the request.
  • Inclusion of suburbs.
  • Single day meal reimbursement request.
  • Actual meal cost reimbursement request.
  • International travel request.
  • Temporary assignment extension request.

Here's an example:

You travel to Baton Rouge once a month for a meeting.