Attach Checklist

What Do I Need to Attach to My Travel Voucher?

  • Authorization to Travel Form, if you made any special requests.
  • If you stayed in a hotel, attach your hotel receipts (if you're claiming a conference rate, attach proof that it was the conference/overflow hotel).
  • If you attended a conference, you must show documentation of conference travel - a brochure or other document showing dates and location of event will fulfill this requirement.
  • If you flew, attach:
    • Short's Travel Management itinerary, which shows your flight times and dates.
    • Short's Travel Management receipt, which shows the invoice number and amount.
  • If you drove your own car, then attach either:
    • Mapquest printouts, which document the miles you drove.
    • Beginning and ending Odometer readings.
  • If you rented a car, then attach the rental car closeout receipt.
  • Suburb documentation. Mapquest printout showing distance is required in order to claim suburb inclusion.
  • If you traveled internationally, attach documentation of currency exchange rates for each expense incurred in a foreign currency.
  • If you received a travel advance, and if the advance was greater than the amount you spent on the Travel Voucher, then
    • Pay the Bursar the difference upon return, and attach the receipt to the Travel Voucher.
  • If you plan to claim any meal reimbursement amounts above daily per diem rates, you must attach the itemized meal receipts.
  • Other receipts: taxi receipts, parking receipts, etc.


If an original detailed receipt for any of these items cannot be obtained, (example: pre-ordered internet lodging), the same criteria must be fulfilled using other documents. (for example: an e-mail order confirmation showing room rate details plus a document showing payment.)