Controlled Billed Account

How to use the UNO Controlled Billed Account (CBA) to buy an Airline Ticket

A CBA is a direct bill charge account with VISA to be used only for charging airline tickets with the contracted travel agency. The CBA account is managed by the Travel Office in Financial Services, which is in room AD 2010.

The use of the CBA may be allowed for the following reasons:

  • New employees who have not had time to apply for and receive the state-sponsored corporate card.
  • Visitors being brought to campus (or to other university sanctioned locations) for functions, meetings, interviews, conferences, etc.
  • Students or student groups representing the University.

How to request to use the CBA:

The following documents must be delivered to the Financial Services Office (AD 2010) at the time of the request and prior to traveling:

  • A memorandum approved by the department head or administrator, which contains the name of the traveler, destination and university speed type to be charged.
  • A copy of the itinerary from the contracted travel agency, Short's Travel Management.

VISA will invoice charges to the CBA monthly. The University's travel liaison will use the above-mentioned documents to authorize the traveler's charge. It is suggested that a copy of the paperwork be retained in the department.