Car Rentals

All vehicle rentals must be charged on a state liability travel card, or UNO's CBA.

  • Approval to rent a vehicle is authorized when shown that renting a vehicle is the only or most economical means by which the purpose of the trip can be accomplished. A traveler must explain this on their Authorization to Travel Form.
  • Only the cost of renting a compact, intermediate, or standard model is reimbursable, unless
    • no compact, intermediate, or standard is available (the traveler must provide documentation the allowed sized are not available)
    • the vehicle will be used to transport more than two persons (names of the other riders must be provided)
    • the larger vehicle does not cost more than a compact, intermediate, or standard size model

For Louisiana rentals paid with a state travel card, travelers must use Enterprise's State Corporate ID Number 1403, and the company abbreviation is STA. If Enterprise does not have the correct size vehicle in stock, please attach the Enterprise documentation stating that fact to your travel voucher and travel log. View In-State Car Rental Rates (PDF).

The state has contracted rental vehicles for domestic out-of-state travel, excluding Louisiana and international travel, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Hertz Car Rental. It is mandatory that all travelers use either of the three rental companies. Utilizing the three contracted companies will ensure exceptional pricing which includes CDW/million dollar liability insurance. View Out-of-State Car Rental Rates (PDF).

If a traveler is in possession of a state travel card, the card should be used as the form of payment. If an employee does not have a state travel card, the CBA must be used as the form of payment. Please contact Accounts Payable to inquire about using the CBA as the form of payment for a vehicle rental.

Gasoline Reimbursement:
A traveler can be reimbursed for regular, unleaded gasoline costs for a rental vehicle. Original, itemized receipts are required for this reimbursement. Each receipt should show the number of gallons purchased and the price per gallon. Enter the amount spent on gasoline in the miscellaneous field of the travel voucher, then describe the expense in the Explanation field at the bottom of the form. Refer to the pre-paid fuel options before utilizing this service. For more details, see Louisiana Travel Guide PPM 49.