Air Travel

All airfare must be paid with a state liability travel card or UNO's CBA. Contact accounts payable questions regarding the methods of payment. Travelers must attach a Short's Travel Management itinerary to the Travel Voucher as well.

Short's Travel Management is the State-contracted travel agency:
All air travel must reserved / purchased through the State-contracted travel agency, Short's Travel Management. See PPM-49 for complete rules regarding airfare travel. Through Short's Travel Management, travelers may choose either the State-contracted rate for a flight or the lowest logical airfare, whichever is most cost-effective.

For domestic flight reservations, Short's charges a $2 fee for online bookings, and a $19.50 fee for phone or email bookings. For international flight reservations, Short's charges a $2 fee for online bookings, and a $35 fee for phone or email bookings.           

Short's also charges a $10 agent assistant fee for domestic and international flights. Examples include but are not limited to: Modify an air booking that does not require a new ticket, quotes requested through an agent but ticketed online or not at all, manual pre-trip approval processes that is not to be automated.

Short's hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm central time. After hours calls will have an additional charge of $21 per call.

Flight changes/cancellations:
Any fees that result from changing or canceling a flight may be the responsibility of the employee. The University will pay the penalty incurred for a change in plans or cancellation only when the change or cancellation is required by the University. Certification of the requirement for the change or cancellation by the traveler's department head/supervisor is required to be attached to the travel voucher. The University's President must approve as well. For complete details, see the PPM-49.

International air travel:
There are special rules that apply to international air travel. Please read carefully the PPM-49 section on this topic before you book an international flight.