Travel Advance

Generally, people who travel on UNO business are expected to provide their own funds during travel, and then ask for reimbursement after traveling. Advances of funds for travel will be made only for extraordinary travel.

You use a Travel Advance Request to ask for an advance on travel expenses.

Travel Advances may be allowed for:

  • Employees who accompany and/or are responsible for students on group travel.
  • Employees traveling for extended periods - 31 or more consecutive days.
  • New employees who have not had time to apply for and receive a corporate credit card.
  • Required prepayments of registration for seminars, conferences, or conventions.
  • Travel to remote areas, such as the jungles of Peru.
  • Advance refundable ticket purchases (more than 30 days in advance).


What to do when you don't spend all of the advance: 

When the advance is more than you end up spending during travel, you need to repay the university the difference. Repay travel advances at the Bursar's office and attach the receipt to the Travel Voucher. This repayment should be punctual, no later than the 15th day of the month following the completion of travel.

How to cancel an advance: 
If you don't end up using an advance, go to the Bursar and repay the funds. You will also need to complete an Advance Clearance Form, attach the Bursar's receipt to it, and submit it to Accounts Payable.