State Liability Travel Card and CBA Program

UNO has entered into an agreement with the State of Louisiana and Bank of America to participate in the State Liability Travel Card and CBA Program.  The travel card is a tool used to assist employees in paying for specific, higher cost travel expenses incurred during travel for official state business.

Effective July 1, 2015, the Louisiana Office of State Travel mandated all state travelers must use a state liability travel credit card or CBA account (master credit card Accounts Payable has access to use) for airfare, lodging, vehicle rentals, and conference registration fees. If an employee has a state liability travel card, it is mandatory the card is used for these expenditures.  If an employee does not have a state card and plans to travel more than once a year, the employee should obtain a card.  Please contact Julia Andrews at or Tommy Scott at for assistance with receiving a state travel card or usage of the CBA.

To receive a travel card, employees must submit a Cardholder Agreement and Enrollment Forms to Accounts Payable, complete a training session with Accounts Payable, and complete an online cardholder certification through the State's training site, LEO.

The cardholder's supervisor must approve all travel card purchases. The approver must be at least one level higher than the cardholder, have knowledge of the cardholder's business needs, complete the Approver Agreement Form, and complete the approver online certification on LEO. Failure to have a supervisor participate in the program will prevent the card from being issued.

Allowed Travel Card Expenses

Below are the State Liability Travel Card allowable expenses.  All charges must fall within the Office of State Purchasing and Travel’s and UNO’s policies, and PPM-49.  Please note food, baggage fees, and ground transportation are not allowed on the State Travel Card / CBA.     

  • Airfare – Must be purchased with a State Card or CBA, and processed through Short's Travel Management, the state's contract for airfare purchases.
  • State Contracted Travel Agency Fees
  • Registration for Conference or Workshops - Must be purchased with a State Card or CBA. Membership purchases are not allowed.
  • Hotel/Lodging – Must be purchased with a State Card or CBA.
  • Rental Vehicle – Must be purchased with a State Card or CBA.
  • Parking – Only with hotel stay and combined on the invoice.
  • Internet Services – Only with hotel stay and combined on the invoice.
  • Gasoline for Rental Car/State Owned Car Only - Not to be used if the department is part of the Fuel Card Program/Contract. 
  • Shuttle Service – Only when pre-paid prior to trip.

Below are helpful links regarding the travel card program:

The Office of State Travel requires all Travel Card Program participants to attend an annual training.  Below is a document of the email training for your reference, highlighting important items of the program:

2017 Email Training

Contact Information

Julia Andrews
Coordinator for Card Services | Accounts Payable
Phone: 504.280.5431 | Fax: 504.280.1232 

Tommy Scott
Interim Accounts Payable Manager
Phone: 504.280.1244 | Fax: 504.280.1232