Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions


  1. What is the intent of UNO's prestigious Scholarship award?
    The intent is to offer scholarships as an incentive to qualified students so they might take advantage of an extensive learning experience by assisting them in obtaining one degree.
  2. What does my Scholarship cover?
    The Scholarship covers tuition/mandatory fees or books. The initial selection will be for the entire life of your scholarship. The tuition option cannot be applied if you have the TOPS award.
  3. What are the credit hour and year limit on my Scholarship?
    As outlined in your letter, the Scholarship covers 8 semesters, or until your graduating semester, whichever comes first. (Transfer Scholarships are different so it is imperative that you read the rules and regulations for it so you can be in compliance.)
  4. What credits are included in the 120 cumulative hours total?
    ALL credit accepted by the University are calculated into the 120 cumulative hours, whether paid by the Scholarship or the student. Bypass and advanced credit courses are not counted.
  5. How are credit hours treated for those majors with published hours that exceed 120 hours to complete one degree?
    If you enroll in a program, such as Engineering, which is documented by the Registrar's Office to require a course load which exceeds 120 hours to complete, you can file a one semester exception form to receive an automatic extension. (You must file the form before the 14th class day of the semester you want to use the exception.) This form can be requested from the Financial Aid Office via email.
  6. Will my Scholarship pay for courses I take in the summer?
    No. The scholarships pay for the Fall and Spring semesters only.
  7. Will a course I take in the summer or any other time, at my expense, count toward my 120 cumulative hours?
    Yes. It is the intent of the scholarship to assist students in obtaining one degree. Any courses that the University accepts as credit, whether paid by the Scholarship or the student, will be calculated in the 120 cumulative hours total.
  8. If I study abroad for a semester, what happens to my Scholarship?
    If you study abroad through a UNOapproved program, then your Scholarship may be applied to your account with the exception of books and meals. (If it is not a UNO approved study abroad program, then the Scholarship will not be applied. If the University accepts the earned hours, the hours will count toward the 120 cumulative hours total. (Scholarships do not cover the summer semesters.) To make sure that the scholarship awards are applied in a timely manner to your account upon your return, please come into our office for a counseling session to complete paperwork and to discuss renewal policy in depth prior to registering for study abroad. (The scholarship can be placed on a courtesy hold for two semesters only as long as you are in good standing with the university.)
  9. What happens if I have TOPS (a tuition based program) and a UNO scholarship?
    Your scholarship may be used toward books.
  10. What happens to my Scholarship if I do not enroll in full-time hours?
    According to the rules and regulations of our prestigious awards, a student must enroll and maintain full-time hours. Therefore, the award will be removed from the student's account without the possibility of re-instatement if he/she is not full-time as of the last day to add/drop courses as indicated in the University bulletin.
  11. Will my Scholarship apply if I choose to double major/minor
    The intent of the scholarship is to assist students in obtaining one degree. A student may choose to double major/minor. However, the scholarship will only cover a cumulative of 120 hours.
  12. What is the GPA requirement to retain my scholarship?
    Student should refer to their award letter for details. Some awards require a cumulative 2.75. The Homer Hitt Scholarship requires a cumulative 3.0 for the first year and a 3.25 for the subsequent years.
  13. How many hours must I earn each academic year (Fall and Spring only) to retain my scholarship? Students are encouraged to enroll in 15 hours per semester. Students are required to earn a minimum of 24 hours per academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) and enroll in fulltime enrollment after the 15th class day. Hours earned in a summer semester and A/P credits are not counted in the 24 hour requirement.
  14. Who should I contact if I need guidance when making a decision that may affect my Scholarship or if I have questions about my Scholarship?
    You should email the Scholarship Division at or come to the Financial Aid office during counseling hours.
  15. What will happen to my scholarship if I get an "I" (Incomplete) grade?
    If you earn an "I" (Incomplete), your scholarship cannot be evaluated for retention purposes. Therefore, the scholarship cannot be applied as anticipated aid to your account. To be considered for continuation of your scholarship, your "I" must be changed as soon as possible but no later than the first day of class of the next semester. The evaluation will be completed within 14 business days if not during peak processing. The student must make payment arrangements with the Bursar's Office to pay his/her tuition during this time.


Specific Details (Book, Meals, Housing)

    1. Will my book award appear on my fee bill?
      No. The book funds will be at the University Bookstore. Students may redeem this award throughout the year to purchase books and educational supplies.

      **Please look for an area designated for Scholarship recipients. (It is available through the last day of class
    2. Who will activate my meal plan?
      The Bursar's office will activate your meal plan after your fee bill is paid or necessary arrangements are made with that office. Your meal plan will be placed on your Privateer ID Card. The Bursar's office will send a detailed letter describing where your funds can be used (RFOC or fast food dining).
    3. How do I apply for housing if I have a housing award?
      The Housing award can only be used at the University's Pontchartrain Residence Hall. The student must contact the housing department to complete an application and pay the application fee and deposit. The Scholarship does not cover these fees.