Satisfactory Academic Progress
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?


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Federal regulations require all students receiving Title IV Financial Aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  Title IV Financial Aid Programs include: Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH), Perkins, Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, PLUS and GRAD PLUS Loans, and Work-Study.

Students must earn a minimum GPA (qualitative measure), successfully complete a minimum percentage of credits (quantitative measure), and must be able to graduate within a maximum timeframe. Courses/Credits which have been granted scholastic amnesty are still reviewed for SAP. Failure to meet any of the SAP requirements will result in a loss of eligibility for federal financial aid. 

How does dropping classes or resigning affect my financial aid eligibility?

All of the following have a negative effect on a student’s completion ratio:  W, XF, F, I, AU, NG, and U. If a student withdraws, repeats, or grade suspends a course, his/her completion ratio will lower.  Students must successfully complete 70% of all courses/credit hours attempted at UNO.  Transfer student must enter UNO with a 70% completion ratio on prior attempted courses at all regionally accredited schools, then continue to complete 70% of the courses/credit hours attempted at UNO.

How does Scholastic Amnesty affect my financial aid eligibility?

Scholastic Amnesty hours are reviewed for SAP eligibility and are not excluded from the GPA, Pace, or Maximum Timeframe calculations for the purposes of Federal Student Aid. Students admitted on Scholastic Amnesty do not qualify for a Financial Aid Warning Period, however they may submit a SAP Appeal if they are able to explain and document extenuating circumstances that affected their prior academic performance.

Are graduate students who are seeking a Master's Degree allowed to receive financial aid for research credits?

For financial aid purposes, students may receive aid only for courses or credit hours that apply directly towards the degree attempt. Only six credit hours of research can be applied toward the completion requirements for a Master's degree. If a student has to withdraw from the research hours due to extenuating circumstance, the student may submit a SAP appeal to explain and document the circumstances.

What is the maximum time frame limit for a student who is a double or triple major?

All federal student aid recipients must be able to graduate within 180 attempted credit hours regardless of number of majors or minors the student is attempting during his first four-year degree. Upon officially graduating, only then may a student be considered for aid as a Post Baccalaureate student.

If I am scholastically dropped from the University, how do I get my financial aid back once I return to UNO?

Students who are scholastically dropped from the University may submit a SAP appeal to the Financial Aid Office to have the aid eligibility considered for reinstatement. Although UNO may allow you to return to school it does not guarantee that your SAP Appeal will automatically be approved.

How does an incomplete grade ("I") affect my financial aid eligibility?

In order for our office to complete the required Federal SAP eligibility review for the purpose of Federal Aid, an "I" grade will be considered as an "F." Students who continue to meet the minimum SAP requirements will continue to receive their eligible funds. Students who do not meet the minimum SAP requirements will be given an opportunity to submit a SAP Appeal through the allowed published deadline dates.

If a student resolves the incomplete grade and the grade is posted on WEBSTAR, the student may submit a SAP Re-Calculation Review Form to our office to request a second review. The request must be received by all applicable financial aid processing deadline dates. A second SAP review request is manually processed and may take up to 7-10 business days to complete. The review request will be processed in the date order received by our office.

How does a University Appeal or grade change affect my SAP eligibility?

An approved University Appeal (UA) may affect a student's SAP eligibility, but it is usually for future semesters. If a student believes that his/her approved UA or posted grade change has made him/her eligible for aid during the semester, the student will need to submit a SAP Recalculation Request Form to our office for a manual review.

Does UNO offer an appeal process for SAP?

If a student does not meet one or more of the SAP requirements, (s)he may submit an appeal for the fall and spring semesters; appeals are not offered for the summer semester or mini sessions.  Appeals are not guaranteed to be approved, and students are limited to two SAP Appeal submissions during their academic career at UNO.   Once the SAP Appeal is processed and reviewed, the student will be contacted via his/her UNO e-mail.