Calculate My Out-of-Pocket Costs

Cost of Education

Always start with a solid understanding of the basics. Most students and parents have lots of questions about financial aid. We encourage you to use our website as your primary resource for financial aid information and we welcome your questions.

Below you will find ESTIMATED totals of a student's Cost of Attendance for one full academic year (two semesters).  The total cost of a University of New Orleans education includes direct expenses for which you are billed, such as tuition, fees.  Please refer to your Fee Bill for your specific costs.

The information below is provided to give you an idea of what makes up the Cost of Attendance when Financial Aid processes an award.  Please keep in mind, you would not necessarily come out of pocket to pay the full amount of each total listed below.  Also, these figures may vary depending on your major (for books) and where you reside (for room/board and transportation). The tuition and fees are generally accurate but could also vary depending on if you  enroll in off campus courses, special labs and other factors.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment to speak to your Financial Aid Counselor if you have any questions regarding your Cost of Attendance.

On-Campus Breakdown

  Resident Living on Campus
(per academic year)
Non-Resident Living on Campus *
(per academic year)
Tuition & Fees $ 8,004 $ 21,821
Books $ 1,220 $ 1,220
Room & Board $ 9,515 $ 9,515
Transportation $ 1,331 $ 1,331
Personal & Misc. $ 2,003 $ 2,003
Total $ 22,073 $ 35,890
The Room and Board component is based on the cost of living in an on-campus residence hall with a campus dining plan for one academic year.

*Additional Fees for International Students

Off-Campus Breakdown

  Resident Living Off Campus
(per academic year)
Non-Resident Living Off Campus *
(per academic year)
Tuition & Fees $ 8,004 $ 21,821
Books $ 1,220  $ 1,220
Room & Board $ 9,073 $ 9,073
Transportation $ 1,916 $ 1,916
Personal & Misc. $ 2,003 $ 2,003
Total $ 22,216 $ 36,033

*Additional Fees for International Students

Cost of Attendance and Overawards

Each financial aid recipient is assigned a Cost of Attendance (COA) prior to the packaging of awards. The basic components to the COA are: Tuition/Fees, Room/Board, Books, Travel and Personal/Miscellaneous fees.  According to Federal and UL System regulations, The Office of Student Financial Aid cannot exceed a student's Cost of Attendance when packaging awards.  Initially students are awarded their maximum eligibility in Pell, SEOG, College Work-Study, Perkins and Direct Subsidized Loans for the academic year or given semester.

Any scholarship, tuition waiver, fee exemption, stipend, or other type of award that is processed after the initial   financial aid award is packaged may create an "Overaward". If an overaward occurs, the student's financial aid award(s) will be reduced (Scholarships, SEOG, Perkins, Direct Subsidized Loans, Direct Unsubsidized   Loans, and/or Plus Loans, etc.).  In the event that all funds have been disbursed,  the student will be required to repay the   "Overaward" portion upon notification of the "Overaward" status.

You may be able to avoid an "Overaward" status by CAREFULLY reviewing your UNO Financial Aid Award Notification immediately upon receipt. If you will be receiving any type of scholarship, tuition waiver, fee exemption, or stipend that is not reflected on your Award Notification, you should contact a Financial Aid Counselor immediately in order to have your award reviewed and possibly revised.

Also, if you have been awarded a scholarship, tuition waiver, fee exemption, or stipend for the   fall semester only and anticipate receiving the award for the spring, you should contact a Financial Aid Counselor immediately in order to have your award reviewed and possibly revised.

Net Price Calculator

Since financial aid may substantially reduce the actual cost of an education for you, it’s important to see what your out-of-pocket costs are likely to be. That’s the purpose of the Net Price Calculator.

Calculate my out-of-pocket cost

What will the Net Price Calculator tell me?

If you’re a prospective undergraduate student, this online tool will help you and your family estimate the amount of financial aid you could be offered and the net amount you may be expected to pay toward the cost of attending school. In other words, you’ll have a personalized estimate of your family’s net cost after taking your projected need-based financial aid into account.

Who can use the Net Price Calculator?

The Net Price Calculator is designed for prospective undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents. It is not intended for use by international students, returning students, or graduate students.

How does it work?

When you begin using the calculator, you’ll be asked to provide financial information about you and your family. You should have your parents’ and your own latest tax returns on hand for reference, as well as savings, investment, and other asset information. After completing the questionnaire, you’ll get an estimate of your projected need-based financial aid.. You’ll also see an estimate of the remaining cost you and your family would be expected to pay or finance. The entire process should take about 20 minutes.

How accurate is the Net Price Calculator?

Your results from the Net Price Calculator will be only as reliable as the information you provide. Keep in mind that the calculated amount of financial aid is an estimate, not an official offer. The University of New Orleans Student Financial Aid Office will determine your actual award amount based on your your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and other supporting documents.