The Office of External Affairs (OEA) represents UNO to external stakeholders and audiences by serving as a liaison and information source for federal, state, and local government officials and agencies as well as community organizations and private industry. OEA leverages support from external organizations, including the UNO International Alumni Association and the UNO Foundations, to maximize the resources dedicated to the University's mission.

The goals of the OEA are to build and maintain a high profile for the University of New Orleans among key decision-makers; to build and maintain support for policies that advance the University’s mission; and to build and maintain support for federal and state initiatives that positively impact public higher education in Louisiana and the nation.

Prior to 2006, UNO maintained separate offices for state government affairs, federal affairs and alumni affairs, each under the supervision of a different vice chancellor. State and federal affairs were consolidated under OEA in 2006, and Alumni Affairs was added to the mix in 2007.