Compressed Video Courses

Compressed Video courses require attendance in specially equipped classrooms. The classes are taught from a designated campus, or originating site. Students at remote classroom sites can interact live with students at other classrooms along with the Instructor.

Computer Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer with video camera
  • Internet access

Compressed Video Section Numbers

Please note section numbers when registering for courses. Course sections 410 - 475 are Compressed Video classes.

UNO presently offers Compressed Video courses in the areas of Education, Engineering Management, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

Compressed Video Sites

  • UNO Lakefront Campus - LA 234, 250, SC 2002
  • UNO NCAM NASA/Michoud - Room 257 

Using Moodle for Compressed Video Courses

Your Instructor may use an Internet-based course management system such as Moodle to get class materials to you. Be sure to determine if this is the case. If not, ask your Instructor how he/she will deliver materials, tests, homework, etc. to you.

Moodle for Students