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Summer Art Career Workshops

UNO Fine Arts is offering the following career workshops for junior high and high school students. They will be hands-on courses in specific technical areas that give participants insight into careers and fields of interest. Each workshop will be held from 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Thursday. Payment is non-refundable except in the case of workshop cancellation previous to the start date, at which point full payment will be refunded to enrolled students.

COST: $295 • FOR MORE INFO: or 504-280-7367



Frame-by-Frame Animation FILLED
June 12-15 | 10 students max

Students will learn digitally drawn frame-by-frame animation with professional software, computers and Cintiq digital drawing tablets. Students will produce a walk cycle with their own character, and multiple other small animations and animated gifs of their choosing. Great for those who love to draw.


3D Character Modeling/Printing and Design FILLED
June 19-23 | 10 students max

Students will produce their own 3d character model, rig it to animate, set up surface textures and eventually physically print it on our 3d printer. Students will learn and use the programs Blender, Z-Brush and Maya.


Fine Art Photography for High School Students FILLED
June 26-29 | 10 students max

In this one-week digital photography course, students will study the technical workings of their cameras, Photoshop manipulation, file storage and digital printing. Students will learn/review manual camera functions (including control of aperture and shutter speed) and will gain a more critical eye through study of framing, composition and lighting (both natural and studio lighting). We will look at work by master photographers and discuss the unique visual language of photography. Specifically, we will focus on portrait and macro photography. Daily creative shooting assignments will challenge students to think beyond the obvious to make compelling, artistic images. Most importantly, we will have fun together exploring the power of photography in communicating our perceptions of the world.


Screenprinting on Paper and Apparel FILLED
July 10-13 | 12 students max

Students should bring some blank t-shirts to print on. Students will learn Screen-Printing, produce multiple designs and print multiples on a variety of products (posters, stationary, t-shirts). Each student will draw, shoot or design their own unique images to print. We will use the professional photo-sensitive process of screen-printing with provided screens, paper and inks. Students will leave with a variety of printed products, both their own and from exchanging with others in the class. Great for students who like to draw as well as those who use photography.


After Effects and Green Screen
July 17 – 20 | 12 students max

Students will shoot their own green screen footage in our professional 1,000 sq ft lighting studio. They will then manipulate that video with special effects and animations within the program After Effects to produce a finished video work. Knowledge or some experience in Photoshop is helpful but not an absolute requirement, and students should come to first day of class with some ideas in mind about what they want to produce and shoot.