Extended Campus

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New Students: Getting Started

The University of New Orleans is here to make your student experience rich and worthwhile. UNO offers you a wide variety of help in order for you to successfully complete your online degree.

New Students Getting Started

Welcome to Extended Campus, an exciting new venture in which the University of New Orleans provides online learning to create a connected and technologically engaged learning community.


Extended Campus provides opportunities for nontraditional student communities in the greater New Orleans area through the use of new instructional technologies designed to accommodate students on or off campus. The mission of Extended Campus is to enable the University of New Orleans to embrace its role as a university in a cosmopolitan city that offers students and faculty full participation in a worldwide classroom in which distance is collapsed and learning opportunities are multiplied.

Academic Footprint

Extended Campus focuses on expanding the academic footprint of education beyond the physical campus, allowing students and faculty to reach their academic goals through a variety of coursework conducted via digital delivery.

Program Outreach

Works with academic units to develop academic programs that extend beyond the UNO campus and embrace the potential of 21st century educational technology.

Lifelong Learning

Extended Campus addresses the specific needs of learning communities comprised of older students and those looking for non-credit or certificate opportunities. While some of our websites are still under construction, we are pleased to invite you to examine the opportunities available in Extended Campus. Thank you.

Adult Education