Before the test will begin, you must click "OK" on the pop-up message that states "No LMS found! Running in offline mode." Do not be alarmed by this message.

Driver's Safety Training

Take the Driver's Safety Class online!

  • You should have already completed a Driver's History Form before taking the test.
  • Once you complete the Online Drivers Safety class, you will need to print out your certificate and send a copy along with the completed Driver's History Form and copies of your Driver's License and Insurance card to the Safety Office.
  • To be on the "Approved Drivers List" you have to take the Drivers Safety Class every 3 years and turn in your Drivers History Form once a year to the Safety Office.

Training for Completing Accident Reports

The Environmental Health and Safety Office and the Office of Human Resource Management will be hosting meetings in which we will provide training on the process to complete accident reports. All those employees who fill out these forms should go to one of these training sessions.

These training sessions will describe the proper ways of filling out the forms and which forms need to be filled out. It will give suggestions on how to conduct the interview with the injured person and how to pose the questions.

The sessions will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the question and answer part of the session.

Please check with us later for updates.