Campus Resources

Campus OrganizationsWhile they serve the entire UNO community, there are a number of departments at UNO that routinely provide especially valuable services to students with disabilities. We have described some of these below, listing their phone numbers and locations. The campus operator can reach those departments that do not have a TDD in-house through TDD relay.

The Learning Resource Center

The LRC offers a Writing Center, a Math Tutor Center (MAT 107) and tutoring in other subject areas, as well as a computer lab and a Media Library, from which videotapes and CD ROM's to supplement UNO courses in Mathematics, Sciences, and Liberal Arts are available for use.

Location: 334 Liberal Arts(Campus Map #22)
Phone: 504-280-7054 (voice only).

Learning Resource Center website

Facility Services

Responsible for maintaining the physical condition and accessibility of the UNO campus. Any problems with ramps, elevators, or accessible restrooms or doorways should be addressed to either Facility Services or ODS, as should any other problems with the physical accessibility of the campus.

Phone: 504-280-6363 (voice only)

Training, Resources and Assistive-Technology Center (TRAC)

TRAC is not actually a department of UNO, but a related facility with administrative autonomy. TRAC provides quality services, training, and programming to persons with disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, educators
and employers.

Phone: 504-280-5700 (Voice/TTY)

Training Resource and Assistive Technology Center website

Counseling Services

The primary goal of the UNO Counseling and Career Center is to assist UNO students with their personal and professional development. This is accomplished through the provision of mental health counseling and consultation, career counseling, career exploration and employment search assistance. Problems with interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, sexual worries, poor grades and career concerns, and even mental illness are all difficulties that college students may encounter. Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled UNO students for a time-limited but full range of counseling services.

Location: University Center Room 226 (Campus Map #34)
Phone: 504-280-6683 (voice only)

Counseling and Career Center website

Student Health Services

All students enrolled at UNO have access to Student Health Services (SHS), regardless of whether or not they have insurance of any kind. However, we only provide primary care. In order to provide access to specialist care and emergency room services, Student Health Services offers an optional low-cost sickness and accident insurance policy. SHS also includes the campus pharmacy.

Location: University Center Room 238   (Campus Map #34)
Phone: 504-280-6387 (voice only)

Student Health Services website

Student Housing

Offers accessible housing facilities for students with disabilities.

Phone: 504-280-6402

Student Housing website

Phone: 504-282-5670 (voice only)

Privateer Place

UNO Police Department

The UNO Police Department (UNOPD) provides the required parking decals for UNO students, including verification of state-issued handicapped parking privileges. Additionally, students who have mobility impairments or other health issues may be able obtain special parking permits allowing them to park in spaces close to their classrooms that would normally be closed to students. These special permits require registration with ODS, documentation of an impairment to substantiate the request, and a memo from ODS to UNOPD supporting the request. UNOPD is also responsible for managing all emergency action on campus, and will, therefore, be involved in any medical emergency taking place on UNO grounds.

Location: 234 Computer Center (Campus Map #11)
Phone: 504-280-6371
Emergency Phone: 504-280-6666

UNO Police Department website

UNO Information/Campus Operator

The operator can provide general information about the University and will transfer calls directly to any department or individual staff member on campus. Operators also serve as the on-campus TDD relay line.

Phone: 504-280-6000