1046 Science Building

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.*

Phone: 504-280-7284
Fax: 504-280-3998

* Students wishing to receive testing accommodations outside of the ATATC operation hours may pursue the option of negotiating alternative accommodations with their faculty members.

Accommodative Testing and Adaptive Technology Center

What is the Accommodative Testing and Adaptive Technology Center?

The ATATC was established by ODS to perform two vital functions for students with disabilities and the faculty of the University of New Orleans. The first is to provide a centralized facility for the provision of academic accommodations by the ODS staff. The second is to provide a centralized location for adaptive technology for use by students.


  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  • During final exams, the ATATC may open additional hours.*

General Policies

The Center is to be used exclusively by students registered with ODS specifically for quiet, school-related activities such as testing, studying, or writing papers. A quiet environment is to be maintained at all times. To ensure the most distraction-reduced environment possible, the staff asks for your cooperation is keeping your discussions with us brief and goal-directed. All cellular phones and pagers must be turned off or set to vibrate and stored in a book bag or purse.

Policies for Testing Accommodations

Prior to submitting an Accommodative Testing Form (ATF), the student must have submitted completed Student Accommodation Agreement Forms. If these are not on file, the ATF will not be accepted.

  • ATF’s should be submitted one week prior to a test date.
  • If the student does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time for a test, the test will not be administered and will be retuned to the instructor.
  • Students may not start testing at a different time than that which the instructor has indicated on the ATF form, unless prior approval from the instructor has been obtained. If the testing date changes after submission of the ATF, ODS must have instructor confirmation/approval. A new ATF may be required.
  • Students must store book bags and other belongings on the designated shelves while testing unless exceptions have been indicated on the ATF form by the instructor.
  • No cell phones, pagers, or other personal data devices may be used during testing. These items must be stored in a purse, back pack, book bag or held by the ODS staff during testing. Any ringers or alarms must turned off or set to vibrate.
  • If a computer based accommodation is used, it is strongly advised that the student save his/her work frequently.
  • If testing requires the use of blue books or loose-leaf paper for essay completion, ODS will swap out our paper for yours.
  • All instances of academic dishonesty that take place in the ATATC will be reported to the faculty member and handled in accord with University policies.

Using Adaptive Technology or Studying in the Center

  • Cell phones may not be used in the center. These items must have any ringers or alarms turned off or set to vibrate while in the center.
  • Students should make appointments in advance to use computers, adaptive technology, or to study. As testing is our first priority, equipment and space might not always be available.
  • Staff members may not be available to assist with adaptive technology or other concerns while testing is in progress.
  • Due to a limited amount of equipment, a student using technology may be asked to relinquish that equipment to a student with a scheduled test requiring specific technology accommodations.
  • Students may not change the setup of or any program on any computer.
  • Students are responsible for the equipment they use and for any damage incurred through negligent or careless use.
  • To ensure a quiet environment, students using voice output capabilities on a computer will be required to use headphones.
  • The staff is available to assist students in the use of technology or for training in the use of adaptive technology. An appointment is required for this type of assistance.

Understanding and Completing ODS Forms

ODS has several forms which must be completed by students for varying purposes. There are distinctive procedures to follow. Understanding the procedures for the forms is very important. There is a reason for every step in the procedure and every line on the forms.

Student Accommodation Agreement (SAA)

This form is used by most students receiving classroom accommodations and by all students receiving testing accommodations through ODS. One form should be submitted for each class in which such accommodations will be needed. The SAA is printed on three-part NCR paper, so that the student may submit the original (top/white sheet) to ODS, retain the first copy (middle/yellow sheet), and give the second copy (bottom/pink sheet) to the instructor.

Accommodative Testing Form (ATF)

Students will use this form to make arrangements to take tests with accommodations in the Accommodative Testing and Adaptive Technology Center (ATATC). A separate ATF must be completed for each test to be taken. Each form must be submitted no later than one week before the date of the test to which it refers. The ATF is printed on two-part NCR paper; the original (top/yellow sheet) must be submitted to ODS and the copy (bottom/pink sheet) may be given to the instructor. ODS cannot accept forms without complete information.

Types of Activities in the ATATC

  • Testing with accommodations that are not facilitated by the individual instructors.
  • Testing with accommodations requiring the use of adaptive technology.
  • Training in the use of adaptive technology, by appointment.
  • The production of course-related materials in alternative formats (audio, large print, Braille).
  • Coordination of volunteer note-taking services.
  • Coordination of reader services program.
  • Quiet study, by appointment.
  • Use of adaptive technology, by appointment.
  • Loan of equipment, directly related to approved accommodations. Voter registration.

Equipment in the ATATC

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) — allows viewing of regular print materials enlarged on a television-type screen.
  • Computers with voice output software (JAWS), screen enlargement software (ZoomText), voice input software (Dragon Naturally Speaking), keyboards with large print keys.
  • Braille translation software and Braille printers.
  • Optical Scanner Systems/Scan and Read Equipment — OpenBook Unbound software.
  • Assistive listening devices. Standard tape recorders/players.
  • Audio response calculators.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered with ODS. How do I make arrangements to take a test in the ATATC?
At the beginning of the semester, you must request accommodations by submitting your course schedule and then pick up your Student Accommodation Agreement forms (SAA.) A completed SAA form for the class must be on file in the ATATC. To reserve testing time, the student must then fill out an Accommodative Testing Form (ATF), bring the ATF to the faculty member, and then submit it to ODS one week prior to the exam. The faculty member determines the date and time of the test. ODS cannot change the date or time of a test without confirmation from the faculty member.

What do I do for testing with extended time if my classes are scheduled back-to-back?
Talk with your faculty member when scheduling tests via the ATF form. You may be required to start the test earlier or later than the class. For example, if you have a 9:00 and a 10:00 class, the faculty member for the 9:00 class may have you begin the test at 8:00 or 8:30, allowing for extra testing time and then subsequently allowing you to attend the 10:00 class. If your faculty member has questions about this, please let us know and ask him/her to contact us at 504-280-7284.

What do I do if my instructor changes the date of a test and I have already submitted an ATF?
Contact the instructor and ask him or her to confirm this change with the ATATC. Under some circumstances, you may be required to submit a new ATF form. ODS cannot change the date or time of a test without confirmation from the faculty member. What if I cannot take an exam at the scheduled time/if I miss a scheduled test? You will have to contact your faculty member and reschedule, if the faculty member’s policy allows for make-up exams. ODS cannot change the date or time of a test without confirmation from the faculty member. If the test can be rescheduled, you may be required to submit a new ATF form.

What if I do not submit the ATF a week in advance?
There is a possibility that the ATATC might have a full schedule and you will be required to return to meet with your faculty member to see about rescheduling the testing date/time, to see if the faculty member can provide the accommodations, or possibly just have to take the test with the class.

I would like to use the ATATC for quiet study? I would like to use a computer in the ATATC to work on a class paper? I would like to receive training in the use of some of the adaptive technology? How can I arrange this?
Ideally, you should schedule appointments for these types of activities. The ATATC’s primary function is to accommodate students for testing. If the testing schedule is full, you will not be able to schedule other services. ODS may be able to arrange these types of activities on a drop-in basis, but accommodative testing is our priority. You may be asked to leave/relinquish use of equipment for a scheduled test. For training, an appointment is always necessary.