Online Study

Many students with disabilities feel that studying online might be a solution to their accommodation needs. You should be aware that studying online may create the need for a whole different set of considerations and accommodations.

You should enroll in an online course after you have taken the time to carefully consider the requirements of the study and your strengths and weaknesses.

To determine if online learning is for you, ask yourself the following questions.

*Information adapted from the Empire State College website.

How well do I manage my time?

The independent nature of online study requires an excellent grasp of time management. To keep on track, you will need to set a regular study schedule, keep track of assignments and due dates, as well as participate in online discussions. This can be more difficult than on site courses where you have regular, in-person reminders from
the instructor.

Does my disability affect my ability to process and comprehend
written information?

For individuals with certain disabilities, managing the content, directions and discussion in an online course becomes increasingly difficult. Information in an online course is frequently delivered via written material on
the website.

Do you think you will have a lot of writing to do?

For those with certain disabilities, extensive writing assignments can be challenging. Knowing the format and expectations of the course will help you make an appropriate determination.

In what format will the online course materials
be presented?

The answer quite simply may be that you will need to access course materials in many formats. Some will be simple be written material, some links to articles, video clips, PowerPoint presentations with audio lectures. For those with hearing impairments, please contact the ODS office and the instructor of records to find out what is in audio format and how we can work to best meet you accommodation needs.

What kind of interaction are you expecting from the instructor? Are you expecting a lot of personal interaction or a little?

The instructor may not be immediately available to provide clarification for any misunderstood concepts or assignments. Some instructors may not be on-site/on campus. Most interaction with the instructor will be conducted via email or on-line forums through the course management system.

Will I need to utilize assistive technology to complete this course?

For some students with disabilities, the use of assistive technology is a must. This can pose a challenge if some aspects of the online course management system are not compatible with the assistive technology you
currently use.

How comfortable am I with computers and technology?

It is important to be aware of your current comfort level with technology and computers. Knowing your comfort level with computers and many varying types of technology will allow you to determine whether or not online study is for you.

What do I expect of online study? What information are you basing your expectations on?

It's important to be aware of your expectations of the online study. Talk to other students who may have taken the course. Contact the instructor in advance to see if you can get a copy of the syllabus and expectations. You should find out as much as possible about the format of the online study, the expectations the instructors have of you, and what you need to do to successfully in order to complete the course. The more information you learn about the work load expected prior to enrolling and beginning the study, the better you can determine if online study is for you.

Additional Information

For more information about the University of New Orleans online courses and offerings, please visit the Global UNO Online Learning website.

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