Current Students

Documenting a Disability and  Requesting Accommodations

RegisterStudents with disabilities and/or impairments may complete the forms necessary to register and request for accommodations. Information on documenting a disability can be found on this page.

Documenting a Disability

Online Study

Online StudyMany students with disabilities feel that studying online might be a solution to their accommodation needs. You should be aware that studying online may create the need for a whole different set of considerations and accommodations.

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Classroom Relocation Policy

ClassroomThe University of New Orleans may be responsible for relocation of classes when the inaccessibility of the classroom prohibits class attendance for a student with a documented disability. Learn more about problematic locations, alternative seating, and requesting accommodations.

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RegistrationODS has several forms which must be completed by students for varying purposes. There are distinctive procedures to follow. Understanding the procedures for the forms is very important.

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