Classroom Relocation Policy and Procedure

The University of New Orleans may be responsible for relocation
of classes when the inaccessibility of the classroom prohibits
class attendance for a student with a documented disability. 

Examples of Problems with Access

  • Classes held in locations temporarily inaccessible due
    to construction;
  • Classes held in locations too distant for the student to reach in the time available;
  • Classes located in places where there are safety concerns, such as those resulting from isolation, darkness, etc;
  • Classes held in locations with inadequate acoustics or lighting, or where other aspects of the physical environment would deny substantial access to students with qualifying disability.

Problematic Locations

When class locations are found to be problematic, the Office of Disability Services will work with the Registrar’s Office and the faculty involved in facilitating reasonable accommodations which may include making temporary or permanent modifications to create access or rescheduling the class in another location.

The University will make every effort to identify and implement reasonable accommodations upon request. However, in rare cases involving specially equipped classrooms or where such changes would fundamentally alter the nature of a class or program, relocation or rescheduling may not be required.

Requesting Accommodations

Students are responsible for making their physical access needs known to the Office of Disability Services with reasonable advance notice to allow time for relocation or rescheduling. To request an accommodation, students should complete the online registration form or contact the Office of Disability Services

Alternative Seating

Basic classroom furniture, such as alternative seating and wheelchair accessible tables, will be provided to qualified students with disabilities who cannot effectively use the regular furniture provided in classrooms. Prescription seating and other items of a personal nature are not the responsibility of the University. Students may furnish their own personal items, such as special seating devices or cushions, to be used in campus classrooms, when necessary.