Prospective Students

Representing a vast assortment of home states and countries, our students hail from a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate institutions. While some come directly from undergraduate programs, many find their way to the CWW at other stages of their lives.

The broad range of our students' experiences, both personal and professional, adds to the cultural diversity of the program. This eclectic mix, combined with the city's long tradition of embracing the arts, makes for workshops that are lively and constructive, and which produce impressive creative work. In the CWW, the spirit is one of cooperation rather than competition. As a result of their time in this supportive atmosphere, CWW students enjoy a disproportionately high rate of publication, awards, honors and professional success.

While many MFA programs have had to increase the number of students in their workshops in order to stay afloat, we are committed to keeping classes small. These small classes make it possible for our teachers to tailor their approaches to the particular needs of the individual. The program is a close-knit community in which students know their teachers and each other, read each other's work, and contribute to one another's growth as writers.