Degree Requirements

In addition to the M.F.A. requirements of the Graduate School, the following must be met:

  • Completion of at least 45 hours course work in English or Film and Theatre Arts.
  • Workshops - 18 hours of 6000-level creative writing workshops, at least 12 of which will be in the thesis genre, 3 hours in a workshop outside the thesis genre, and 3 hours in any genre.
  • Core Courses - 6 hours of core courses are required. 3 hours in Form and Idea, (FTCA 6020) and 3 hours in Nonfiction Writing, (English 6154.) Students whose thesis genre is nonfiction writing will substitute an additional 6000-level workshop in lieu of the Core Courses non-fiction requirement.
  • Background Courses in Literature - 9 hours of background literature courses are required. Fiction, poetry and nonfiction writing students will be required to take nine hours in the literature of their genre. Screenwriting and playwriting students will be required to take 6 hours of techniques courses and a 3-hour genre course in their area.
  • Electives - 9 hours of electives will be chosen in consultation with the director of creative writing. These elective hours will conform to a cohesive program of study.
  • Thesis Hours - Students may receive credit for up to 6 hours of thesis work. The creative writing thesis will be prepared under the supervision of a committee approved by the director of the Creative Writing Workshop. This committee will ordinarily consist of three members of the graduate faculties of the departments of English and Film and Theatre Arts, at least two of whom teach in the student's genre area.
  • Comprehensive Exam - All M.F.A. candidates will be required to take a comprehensive exam in the literature of their genre areas. It will be prepared, administered and graded by the student's thesis committee. Students must earn a grade of B or better in all required course work and an overall GPA of 3.0 in elective courses. Students who hold master's degrees from other institutions or from other UNO programs may apply for admission, but upon acceptance they must meet all requirements for the M.F.A. degree listed above. UNO may accept up to 9 hours of transfer credit, but the student must complete 36 hours of resident work at UNO, including all 15 hours in writing workshop courses.