Prospective Students

The Creative Writing — Low Residency MFA program (the CWL) is a community of serious writers dedicated to the whole-hearted study of craft and literature, and to the development of their own voices and styles. We do not seek to change what a writer writes. Our mission is solely to support the growth of each writer through the rigorous study of literature and the steady practice of writing. The classes are small, and all students are exposed to many professional writers in their own chosen genres — fiction, nonfiction, poetry — as well as those outside their genres.

The spirit in the CWL is one of cooperation rather than competition, and, for the last 20 years, our program has enjoyed a disproportionately high rate of publication among its award-winning graduates. There's plenty of time and opportunity to grow, and our students are encouraged not to put their lives on hold, but to write as all working writers write, as part of a life in motion. And each summer, the community travels to Europe, where they meet for an intense month of workshops and lectures and readings, all of which serve to inspire and to cement writing relationships.

Can a writer learn and grow without attending an MFA program? Certainly. But honing your craft as part of a writing community allows for a level of focus and support that is integral to the development of a disciplined writing practice and the cultivation of the professional knowledge every writer needs in order to navigate the world of publishing. And whether you're 25 or 50, community provides a welcome relief from the solitary work of the writer.

Are we a good fit for you? Are you ready? We have tried to include all the information you might need to answer those questions right here on our website.

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The Fall / Summer Application Deadline is March 15.

The Spring Application Deadline is October 1.