Financial Support

Cost of Attendance

Our Low Res MFA program is among the least expensive in the nation, and Newsweek named the University of New Orleans one of the "25 Most Affordable Colleges." For in state students, or students who take 6 hours online per semester in the fall and spring, the total cost for the 45 hour MFA degree (including summer residencies in Ireland) is approximately 25,000 dollars. This price tag, for the high quality faculty, instruction and incredible experiences abroad is impossible to beat.

Financial Aid is available. UNO also offers Lagniappe scholarships (a waiver of the non resident fee) on a competitive basis to students who qualify. Please see the Tuition and Fees page for more information. Costs for the Summer Residency program vary from year to year based on the location. However, there are never out-of-state fees for Summer Residencies.

See sample costs - Writing Workshop in Cork 

TIP for Calculating Cost

When calculating cost, bear in mind that each class equals 3 credit hours. The average course load is 6-9 credit hours per semester. However, out of state students do not have to pay non-resident fees if they only take 6 hours per semester online. The Summer Residency is a flat fee, costing the same amount no matter how many credit hours are taken.

Scholarships & Awards

The Lagniappe Scholarship

A competitive award that waives the non-resident fees for qualified applicants. Minimum undergrad GPA is 3.0. The program director will nominate all qualified applicants.

The Ambassador Award

The University of New Orleans and the Division of International Education believe strongly that study abroad experience should be made available to as many qualified students as possible. To this end, a limited number of Ambassador Awards will be made available to University of New Orleans students who exhibit high academic achievement, whose academic plans would benefit most from a study abroad experience, and who exhibit clear financial need.

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