Current Students

Every form, link, or informational brochure that you will use during your time in the CWL can be found on the Resources page. Visit early. Visit often.

New Students

Getting Started

All newly admitted students should visit the University's Accepted Students page. There you will find all the information you need in order to log onto WebSTAR, submit your Immunization Waiver Form, and register for classes.

See Accepted Students page

New Student Brochure

Additionally, you should read the CWL's New Student Brochure, which explains the steps you'll need to take before you can enroll for the first time. See New Student Brochure on the Resources page.


Continuing Students

At the beginning of every semester, you will receive an email about advising for the upcoming semester. Once you've been contacted, follow these steps to enroll. All forms can be found on the Resources page.

1. Review CWL Current Course Offerings. Once you receive notice that it is time to get advised, you should check Current Course Offerings for the next semester, so you can decide what classes to take. 

2. Submit a Student Advising Form. Before registering for classes each semester, you will fill out and submit this form, so that we can be up to date with your progress and can give you the best advice.

3. Submit Permission Request Form. After reviewing your Student Advising Form, the CWL will email you a list of approved classes. You will enter those classes on a Permission Request Form and submit it to the CWL Graduate Coordinator. You will be notified when you can enroll on WebSTAR.

4. Update your Record of Progress. Once you have enrolled in classes, you should record those classes on your Record of Progress. 


Graduating Students

As you near graduation, there are 4 very important forms you will need to submit:

1. Departmental Graduation Form: This form is the CWL's official source of information about a student's committee, thesis defense and contact information. This information is used by the program to submit forms on behalf of the student. You will be asked to complete this form early in your graduation semester. Go to Resources.

DUE: First week of final semester

2. Application for Degree: This form officially adds a student to the University graduation list. Student completes this form on WebSTAR.

DUE: First week of final semester

3. Candidacy Plan of Study: Up to a year before graduation, students will receive a Candidacy Plan of Study Form from the Graduate Coordinator. Each student will proxy sign the form by completing a Student Sign Candidacy Form. Go to Resources.

DUE: CWL will send email notification up to one year before graduation. Due upon receipt of email.

4. Thesis Approval Form: Once you have defended your thesis, you will proxy sign the Thesis Approval Form by submitting the Student Sign Thesis Form. Go to Resources.

DUE: Within 24 hours of the successful defense of thesis