Appointments and Hours


Need an Appointment? Call or Drop by!

Appointments can be scheduled by phone at 504-280-6683 or in person in the University Center, Room 226.  Counseling Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m until 4:30 p.m. Students requesting appointments will be offered the first available intake appointment time. Please note that Counseling Services requires that individuals seeking services make their own appointments.

Fees for Services

There's no charge for the initial assessment. A small fee (determined with your counselor based on your income and a sliding scale) will apply for ongoing counseling. Career testing and counseling is also subject to very reasonable fees. Your counselor will discuss these fees and work with you regarding any financial concerns you may have.

Mental Health Emergencies

Same-day appointments are available for students experiencing mental health emergencies defined as follows:

  • an individual who is suicidal and has a specific plan and the intent to kill him/herself;
  • an individual who has recently taken steps to end his/her life;
  • an individual who has a plan and the intent to harm someone else.

After-Hours Mental Health Emergencies

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency outside of our regular office hours or during office closures, please call 911. If your emergency is occurring on the UNO campus, please also call UNO Campus Police at 504-280-6666. Additional emergency mental health resources include all area hospital emergency rooms and the ViaLink 24-hour crisis line which can be reached by dialing 211. Additional emergency and after-hours mental health information.

Faculty & Staff

While Counseling Services does not offer counseling for faculty and staff, we can provide referral information for local mental health resources. For additional information, please call Counseling Services at 504-280-6683.