College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP)

UNO College of SciencesThe Undergraduate Research Program serves to engage freshmen and sophomores in the College of Sciences in cutting-edge research, providing funding for laboratory supplies and student wages. COSURP seeks to enrich the UNO undergraduate experience by:

  • engaging students at the beginning of their studies at UNO.
  • increasing the interaction between undergraduate students and faculty/graduate students.
  • building lasting bonds through group educational opportunities and social activities.  
  •  Women and minority students are encouraged to apply. Departments may offer undergraduate research credit for participating students. 

Applications for participation in the Spring 2016 program will be accepted in late October.  The application will be available on this webpage at that time.


Support the College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program

The College of Sciences seeks funding to expand our undergraduate research program with a
focus on engaging and supporting high potential, academically at-risk students in meaningful research in the early stages of their undergraduate careers at the University of New Orleans.

The expanded College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP) will focus on women and students of color. For more information or to support this initiative, please contact Steve Johnson, Dean, at 504- 280-6303 or