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Autism/Developmental Disorders Clinic

Primary Focus: Assessment of developmental disorders in children
Location: New Orleans Children’s Hospital Psychology Department
Description: The Autism Clinic at New Orleans Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive assessment of autism and other developmental disorders in children. Licensed Clinical Psychologists provide supervision of assessment, interviewing, and report-writing for this population.

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Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST)

Primary Focus: Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder
Location: 3134A Calhoun St., New Orleans, LA 70125
Description: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - ABA services follow the philosophy of individualization and are tailored to every child's unique needs. Services can take place in a variety of different settings including the home, the child's school, or daycares. Skilled behavior analysts provide workshops and provide ongoing consultation and training to any organization or parent seeking additional support.

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Families in Need of Services (FINS)

Primary Focus: Assessment of youth and families
Location: Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court
Description: FINS is an intervention process aimed at preventing formal juvenile court involvement, therein reducing the number of youth lodged in the juvenile court system. The purpose of FINS is to:

  • Curtail behaviors by the child and other family members that contribute to the child’s harm and warrant court intervention;
  • Secure services for families by obtaining the cooperation and coordination of all relevant public institutions/agencies ;
  • Establish a family service plan;
  • Protect the integrity of the family by authorizing adjudication and dispositional judgment only after all available voluntary alternatives have been exhausted.

Jefferson Neurobehavioral Group

Primary Focus: Neuropsychological assessment
Location: East Jefferson General Hospital
Description: The Jefferson Neurobehavioral Group is a private clinical psychology group practice that provides psychological assessment of persons with neurological, medical (including pain), and psychiatric disorders. A substantial portion of clients are seen in a medico-legal context (i.e., litigation-related).

Jefferson Parish Department of Juvenile Services

Primary Focus: Assessment/treatment/case management for juvenile justice-involved youth
Location: Jefferson Parish Department of Juvenile Services
Description: Juvenile justice agency providing probation, detention, and treatment, including screening, assessment, and treatment planning to juvenile offenders and their families.

LSUHSC Child and Family Clinic 

Primary Focus: Psychoeducational assessment and school consultation
Location: LSUHSC
Description: Under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, students conduct comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for ADHD and learning disabilities as well as conduct school consultations.

MidCity Psychological Services

Primary focus: Psychoeducational assessment
Location: 4902 Canal Street Suite 304, New Orleans, La 70119
Description: MidCity Psychological Services provides psychoeducational assessments for ADHD and learning disabilities in children. Under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, provides students conduct assessments, write behavior observations, and learn how to accurately reach a diagnosis through critical analysis.

New Orleans Psychotherapy Associates

Primary Focus: Neuropsychological and psychological evaluation of adults and children
Location: New Orleans Psychotherapy Associates
Description: Licensed Clinical Psychologists at this site provide evaluation and therapy for brain injury, stroke dementia, ADHD, LD, neurotoxicity, and seizure disorders. Opportunities are available for training in evaluation of clinical problems in adults and children, and for LA Rehab Services, Licensing Board Complaints/Problems, criminal workups, private disability cases, and cases set for litigation.

Pain Mastery Center

Primary Focus: Medical management of chronic pain
Location: LSUHSC
Description: Outpatient medical clinic offering medical management of chronic pain. Students will be exposed to a variety of medical disorders resulting in severe and chronic pain, and will gain competency in assessing clients via intake assessment, clinical interviewing, and formulation of treatment plans.

The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital

Primary Focus: Educational/support resource for parents.
Location: Children’s Hospital
Description: community resource providing support and education to parents.

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Psychological Clinic for Children and Adolescents

Primary Focus: Assessment, consultation, and intervention for youth
Location: Tulane University Department of Psychology
Description: This clinic us a university –based outpatient mental health service provider offering assessment, consultation, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions for children and adolescents.

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Rapid Treatment Program

Primary Focus: Advanced diagnostic interviewing and provision of short-term behavioral treatments
Location: New Orleans Children’s Hospital Psychology Department
Description: The Psychology Department at New Orleans Children’s Hospital (NOCH) offers comprehensive assessment and treatment for cognitive, emotional, and behavior problems of childhood, as well as emotional and behavioral problems associated with acute and chronic medical conditions. Specialized clinics are conducted in assessment and management of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, developmental and learning disorders, and pediatric neuropsychology. The Psychology Department runs the Rapid Treatment Program, an outpatient program designed to provide efficient assessment and brief behavioral and psychopharmacological intervention for children referred by medical staff at NOCH. Presenting problems typically include attention problems, anxiety and mood problems, and non-CNS based sleep problems. Opportunities are available for advanced training in diagnostic interviewing and short-term empirically-based behavioral treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and anxiety-mood disorders.

Stress, Cognition, and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) Laboratory 

Primary Focus: Psychological and cognitive assessments, magnetic resonance imaging, and physiological and immunological measurement. 
Location: UNO Department of Psychology
Description: The SCAN lab sees families with developmental disorders for 2.5 to 3 full days and do standardized assessments including BASC2, WISC, NEPSY, etc. They also write non-diagnostic reports to provide some information about the child's performance to the parents or to their PCP if desired. Students would additionally learn MRI safety and other experimental methods as part of the clinical contact time.

Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Primary Focus: Assessment, observation, and intervention with foster children and their foster parents
Location: Tulane/Jefferson Parish Infant Team/Foster Care Team
Description: The Tulane/Jefferson Parish Infant Team provides extensive services to abused and neglected children and their families referred by the Office of Community Services (OCS). The ultimate goal of the Team, in cooperation with others in the child protection system, is to determine whether parents can learn to safely parent their young children and whether the children should be returned to their families or placed for adoption. Services include home visits, clinic-based assessment, individual and couples therapy, and groups for parents and caregivers. The Foster Care Team, which falls under the auspices of the Infant Team, has as its goal the support of foster children and their foster parents. Services provided include home visits and assessment of foster care placements, day care visits to observe foster children, developmental assessment, and behavioral evaluation and intervention.

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University of New Orleans Counseling Services

Primary Focus: Personal and career counseling.
Location: University of New Orleans
Description: An individualized program will be developed for each student which may include training experiences within the following areas:

  • Diagnostic assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Career assessment, testing, and evaluation
  • Relationship assessment
  • Psychoeducational screenings, seminars and workshops
  • Outreach programming and presentations
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Woman’s New Life Center

Primary Focus: Crisis Intervention, individual/couples/family therapy, and group therapy (when demand is present); and medical services, such as: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and fertility care.
Location: 3032 Ridgelake Dr. Metairie, LA 70002
Description: Counseling Center addressing the needs of women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy loss or fertility issues. Student will have the opportunity to develop crisis counseling skills, grief counseling skills, gain knowledge of Motivational Interviewing techniques, understand the needs and experiences of pregnancy related issues, and increase knowledge of medical and social service resources.

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