Kevin W. Greve, Ph.D.

Research ProfessorKevin Greve
Associate Chair


Office: GP 2003
Phone: 504-280-6185

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest

Failure to recover after injury or illness is a significant health problem that is closely tied to a range of psychosocial factors including personality and coping styles, psychopathology, stress, work satisfaction, and financial factors. For the last 7 years Dr. Greve’s research group has published extensively on the issue of response bias, symptom exaggeration, and malingering, one set of factors associated with poor outcome in a variety of conditions.

Ongoing and future research aims at better understanding the influence of social factors, personality, and psychopathology on outcome following illness or injury. This current focus continues Dr. Greve’s long-time study of psychological and neuropsychological assessment and psychometrics. He also retains his interest in cognitive neuropsychology and the rare cases whose analysis from a cognitive and neuroanatomical perspective can shed new light on the relationship between the brain and behavior.

Research resources include an active research team of Ph.D.-level psychologists, graduate students. Graduate students are actively involved in research from the beginning of their tenure in the Department and most publish every year. Resources also include a large clinical psychology/clinical neuropsychology practice and access to local pain clinics.