James G. May, Ph.D.

ProfessorJames May


Email:  may_james@outlook.com

Research Interests

I was trained as a physiological psychologist and the enduring theme of my research has been the relationship between brain activity and human experience and behavior. Throughout my career, I have employed electrophysiological and psychophysical techniques to address these questions. Much of my work has been carried out in the area of visual perception and human performance, but I have also developed expertise in auditory, vestibular, and cognitive processes. Recent and ongoing research projects include:

  • Parallel Processing in Visual Perception and Memory
  • The Perception of Local and Global Information
  • Sequential Learning with "What" and "Where" Feedback
  • The Relationship between I.Q. and Spatio-temporal Ability & Eye Movements and Simulator Sickness in Virtual Reality
  • Adaptation to Immersion in Virtual Reality
  • Individual Differences in Motion Sickness Symptomatology

I maintain active research collaborations with the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at the Louisiana State University Medical Center and the National Biodynamics Laboratory in the College of Engineering at UNO.