Psychology Clinic

Psychology Clinic

The UNO Psychology Department Psychology Clinic's Mission is to alleviate mental health concerns in New Orleans, provide mental health services to the community at a reduced rate, provide cutting-edge clinical training to graduate students, forge connections with local mental health agencies, and recruit research participants for studies examining etiology, assessment, and treatment of mental health problems. The Psychology Clinic is organized to provide students in either of the doctoral specializations with supervised experience in the provision of many types of psychological services in which departmental faculty have a particular expertise. Within the Psychology Clinic, research and applied sciences merge, as graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to provide supervised and empirically-supported assessments and interventions. All Psychology Clinic services are offered under the umbrella of a unified clinic assessment service.

The New Orleans School-Age Assessment Service (NO-SAS)

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Sonia RubensSonia Rubens, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


The New Orleans School-Age Assessment Service (NO-SAS) is a clinic service and teaching clinic directed by Dr. Sonia Rubens, an assistant professor in the department.

Download the New Orleans School-Age Assessment Service (NO-SAS) brochure (PDF)

NO-SAS offers cost-effective, comprehensive assessments to children, adolescents, and young adults who are experiencing:

  • Emotional, learning, and behavioral problems in school, such as anxiety and depression, academic failure and learning problems, inattention/ hyperactivity, aggressive or disruptive behavior, or conflict with teachers;
  • Problems with peers, such as fighting, rejection or substance abuse;
  • Problems at home, such as conflict with parents or siblings