Department of Psychology


The faculty consists of talented scholars who are committed to teaching, research and service; the students are diverse, eager to learn, and excited about advancing the field of psychology; and the facilities are excellent and utilize state-of-the-art technology. As lagniappe, the scenic lakefront campus and the dynamic culture of the city of New Orleans combine with UNO's many educational opportunities to create an exciting and enjoyable learning environment for students. Where else in the country could you become an aficionado of jazz music, a connoisseur of Creole cuisine, and a regular Mardi Gras reveler, all while earning your degree in psychology!

The faculty is committed to teaching on both the undergraduate and graduate level. Undergraduate students receive instruction in the science of behavior through a curriculum that prepares them for graduate education in psychology or a related field or for a diversity of other careers.

In addition to their many teaching and scholarly activities within the department, faculty members typically have adjunct appointments in various institutions around the New Orleans area and engage in important research and service activities within the community.


Molly MillerMolly Miller, a doctoral student in Applied Developmental Psychology, won the 3-Minute Thesis competition. She won a full year of tuition and a stipend to complete her dissertation. Congratulations Molly!

Summer school registration has started. Get a jump start on next year by taking PSYC 1000: General Psychology or PSYC 2110: Child Psychology over the summer. We also have a number of online classes this summer. Check webstar to see all of the available courses.


Our mission is to support the educational, economic, cultural, and social well-being of the greater New Orleans area. The undergraduate psychology program and two doctoral programs in Applied Biopsychology and Applied Developmental Psychology focus on understanding, preventing, and treating mental health problems.