Printable Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements | Mathematics (B.S.)

The information below reflects the degree requirements for the current academic year. To view degree requirements from other academic years, please see our list of printable degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

College of Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (No concentration)

General Education Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
English    Humanities  
ENGL 1157 3  Foreign Language Sequence8  6
ENGL 1158 or 11591 3  Literature  3
Mathematics    Social Sciences  
Calculus Sequence MATH 2114, 21242,7 8  Social Sciences elective3  6
Science    Arts  
BIOS 3  Arts elective4 3
Physics 1061 and 1062 6    
    Total 39
Other Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
Computer science 1205 or (1581 and 1583) 3-4  Science Electives5 11-12
Physics 1063, 1065 2  General Electives 25
    Total 446
Course Requirements for Major
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
Mathematics 2134  4  Mathematics 4511  3
Mathematics 2221 or 2314  3  Mathematics 3000+  6
Mathematics 3511  3  Mathematics 4000+  9
Mathematics 3512  3  Mathematics 3900  0
Mathematics 41019  3  Mathematics 3721  3
    Total 37
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours
Additional Requirement
 Minimum grade of C in all science courses (BIOS, CHEM, CSCI, EES, MATH, PHYS, PSYC)
  1. "C" or better required
  2. 6 credits of Math satisfy the general education requirements
  3. Check General Education Courses to confirm courses fulfilling this requirement.
  4. FTA (theatre/dance/film related course), FA or MUS
  5. At least 6 of these credits must not be mathematics courses in the College of Sciences. 6 credits can be engineering courses. 1 less credit is required if the student took CSCI 1581 and CSCI 1583 (rather than CSCI 1205.) The College of Sciences maintains a list of approved science electives. Note that many low level classes are not permitted.
  6. Includes 2 credits of Math listed in general education requirements section
  7. Students not adequately prepared to enter a calculus sequence must take appropriate pre-calculus courses without credit toward graduation. The mathematics department determines placement for mathematics classes.
  8. Foreign language must include a six hour sequence in one language. French, German, or Russian is recommended for students planning graduate studies.
  9. Students interested in graduate studies in mathematics are strongly advised to take Math 4102.